Project Index


Owl-y Plain Vest


Stella Pixie Hat


Plain Vest


Honey Cowl


Newborn Vertebrae


Plain Pink Vest


Plain Vest

Pebble Vest

Reindeer Antler Baby Beanie

In Threes Baby Cardigan

Colorful Cardi (aka: Pickles’ Plain Vest)

Striped Baby Cardigan

Easy Baby Cardigan

Shale Baby Blanket


Spring Geranium Dress


Christmas Geranium Dress


Posy Baby Quilt


Ice Cream Blouse


Birthday Geranium Dress


Christening Gown (aka: bubble dress sans bubble)


Reversible Bucket Hat


Chambray Sailboat Pants


Sailboat Pants


High Chair Cushion


Another Bubble Dress

Oliver + S Bubble Dress

My Ta-Ta Top

Spools & Skeins’ Knock-Off Snappy Laminated Bib

“Its A Girl Thing” Quilt

A Christmas Bubble

Elastic & Drawstring Waist Pants

Oliver + S Bubble Dress

Quilted Table Runner

Cape Ann Baby Quilt

Sweet Little Dress 

Sweet Little Dress (#2 and #3)

Quick Change Trousers

Maya*Made Nesting Buckets


Numbered Onesies

Paint Chip Mobile

Embroidery Hoop Nursery Art

Nursery Lamp Hack Job

Faux Window Valance

3 Responses to Project Index

  1. Cerrine says:

    Hi Alexis!

    Was wondering if you can point out the knit patterns for Quincy that you used and really loved? I’m looking to knit some newborn hats and booties for sure but I wanted to knit a couple clothing pieces too. I like the pebble vest (especially because it has no sleeves). Is there anything that you would recommend? I feel kind of overwhelmed with how MUCH I can possibly knit and I need to just choose a few cute, but usable pieces (Slow knitter here!) Is there anything you made that you wished that you had more of or had thought to make one of beforehand?
    Thank you!

    • Spools&Skeins says:


      ohhh, that’s such a good question!! i knit so many things for quincy before she was born that she just never wore. either because it just wasn’t super practical (ie: the newborn vertebrae) or because i just didn’t like the finished project (ie: the yoked cardigan.) actually, the yoked cardi never made it onto the blog because it was just that awkward. are you on ravelry? my page (spoolsandskeins) has all my projects – the good ones and the flops. there are SO many fun things to knit for babies – but i agree, it can get SO overwhelming!

      hats are a great (and easy) place to start. i made an embarrassingly ridiculous number of hats for Q before she was born. and she only ever wore one – its this one ( – its a free pattern on ravelry – and perfect for babies because when they’re small, you can turn the cuff up and as they get bigger, turn the cuff down – it will fit for awhile – Quincy wore it all winter long!

      this is also a super easy, and quick, baby hat pattern. cute roll cuff hat with a pom pom. because any baby hat looks cuter with a pom pom.

      booties are super fun to knit – i love this pattern – this is my go-to bootie pattern ( – although, admittedly, while i loved knitting them, quincy wore booties exactly no times. i just don’t know, they didn’t seem to stay on, she hated anything on her feet. loved knitting them. hated watching them gather dust on her shelf.

      and my FAVORITE baby item to make is the pickles plain vest ( probably the quickest knit (way quicker than the Pebbles) and so so useful. i made 3 for quincy last year and she wore them all til she busted out of each one. the pickles website has a free 1 year old pattern, but i made a bunch for quincy that fit from 3-9 months and wrote them out here ( in fact, i need to start another one for her soon for this coming winter!

      yay, i’m so glad you’ve caught the knitting bug!! what are you thinking of starting first? keep me posted!! i wanna see pics 😉

      • Cerrine says:

        Thank you for such an awesome, detailed reply!!
        Going to start making some hats first, after I buy some super soft, pretty yarn! (which the husband won’t let me do until I finish up my works in progress).

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