Sunshine, grass stains and a pixie hat…


We had a lovely weekend visiting family this weekend.  Q and I did a day trip (2 hours each way – which, when you have a child who turns into a gremlin the second the car seat buckles, can make for a fairly brutal trip.)  But we braved the gremlin’s car horribleness, listened to a lot of raffi (god help me), ate a lot of snacks (cut up olives and broccoli are the current fav), and stretched our legs at a rest stop where mama got to eat a jumbo pretzel at 8am while the babe showed off her newfound walking skills.

But getting to see the cousins while playing on grass in 60 degree weather more than made up for the car ride hell.

IMG_3755(as we’ve been buried under an enormous amount of snow for the past 5 months, i cannot tell you how happy i am to see grass stains – even on white pants.  yay)


The babe is sporting her pixie hat.  Still.  Because it was snowing when we woke up this morning.  At the end of march.  I love the hat but I am so ready to put it away for the season.

That said,  here are the details:

The pattern: Stella Pixie Hat

The Yarn:  Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Mediumweight in Raspberry Mousse (my fav colorway that I’ve been hoarding ever since Rhinebeck three years ago – but I think this hat, and babe, are Raspberry-Mousse-Worthy.)

Modifications:  I modified the buttonhole rows slightly.  On the buttonhole rows, I worked 4 stitches even, then K1, YO, K2tog, worked rest of row even.  On the following row, I worked all stitches in the K1, P1 ribbing.

Also, I followed the mods I found here (thanks!) –

The verdict:  The pattern came together quite quickly and the yarn, as always, is an absolute dream to work with.  Its a basic rectangle sewn together with the kitchener stitch (I used this tutorial to show me the errors of my ways after my 5 first failed attempts at kitchener stitch.)  Who knew kitchener stitch could be so amazing (genius, in my opinion), therapeutic (you’ve really gotta pay attention to what you’re doing), and satisfying (no visible seams!!)  Seriously, ingenius…

The most annoying part of this project was sewing the neckband onto the hat.  But that is more of a me-problem, not a pattern-problem.  I just simply do not love seaming knits up.  Its a thing of mine.

But as the day wore on and the sun came out and we reached a whopping 62 degrees, the hat came off, the babe started rolling around the lawn, and we enjoyed a beautiful day in the sunshine.





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