DIY Latch Board


or alternatively titled, “What an increasingly inquisitive toddler who has gotten bored of her current toys, 14” of snow on the ground hence the need for a good indoor project, and a hubby just itching to bust out his new power drill will get you.”


These latch board suckers are all over Pinterest and I figured it was high time we got on the bandwagon.  Especially since Quincy would rather play with anything other than her baby toys these days.  Wooden blocks, nope.  Fun stackers, nope.  Bongo drums (yes, we got desperate), not so much.  Figuring out how to open the kitchen cabinets and unscrew (yes, unscrew) the Pine Sol container and pour it all over herself, well, that was a winner.  So we decided to try to harness her desire for all things latched, screwed on, and just plain scary looking and created our own latch board.


So, with the temperature dropping and a massive storm heading our way, the hubs ran out to Lowe’s to buy all the gadgets to assemble this little gem.  Because, in the event of a storm, we could do without bottled water, but the thought of being stuck in the house with a restless toddler was enough motivation to get moving on this project.


Because its -6 here right now.  And I’d love to say we’re the type of family who gets outside every day to brave the elements no matter how frigid the weather.  But we’re just not.  I’m a wuss.  And I’m okay with it.


Hence the indoor project for the babe.


Admittedly, our version isn’t for everybody.  See how those light switches have those scary metal parts protruding?  Its not ideal, but we figured the kid can’t impale herself on it and given that she gets herself into worse scrapes on an almost daily basis, she can handle some scary metal bits here and there.


The winners:  the hinges.  Hands down.  Quincy LOVED the hinges. We’re going to have to go buy some more and install them.  She also loved the little mirror and the light switches.  The window lock and the chain lock are a bit too difficult for her to manuver right now, but I like the fact that she can’t do everything on here so easily just yet.  She’s got lots to discover on this one.  Which will hopefully provide hours of entertainment.  Ok, she’s 15 months old, I’ll take 20 minutes…

IMG_3173(check out the babe’s first haircut.  i think she looks very dorothy-hamill-esque.  poor thing.  sorry babe.)


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