Geranium Dress… Christmas Style


I meant to post about the Christmas Geranium Dress way back when (you know, at like Christmas time), but well, it just didn’t happen.  So, here goes…

It was time for Christmas photos thereby making it time for a new dress for the babe.  Which, of course, meant busting out the Geranium pattern again.  I love this pattern.


The pattern:  Made by Rae’s Geranium Dress

The fabric:  Moda Essential Dots / White & Black

The modifications:  Adding a red sash to give it more of a “Christmas” flare

I really do love this pattern.  Its turning into my go-to baby dress.  Which makes me smile because I have a TON of ideas for fabu size 18 month dresses to make for the babe for the spring.  Which makes me curse our current sub-zero weather because I’m itching to get this kid in some more versions of the Geranium.  But not even I could subject the babe to a short sleeved dress in this weather.


So, I’ll just keep putting her in this gem with her little grey sweater and wooly stockings til we get some kind of  spring thaw…

and my favorite shot…





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2 Responses to Geranium Dress… Christmas Style

  1. cerrine says:

    Love this dress and I’ve had my eye on this pattern for way too long not to purchase it now!

    • Spools&Skeins says:

      seriously, i cannot recommend it enough – without being a total enabler, i just have to say i’m totally obsessed with it! :)

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