Ice Cream Blouse


I’m in like.  Not in love.  With my latest Oliver + S creation.  Which is tough to say because I do so love all things Oliver + S.  The fabric, the designs, the pattern constructions, etc.


IMG_1114(see how Q likes to poke her baby doll’s eyes out – baby doll already has one lame eye.  sadly, Q likes to poke real babies’ eyes out too.  which can get a bit embarrassing during playgroup.) 

And I love so much about the Ice Cream Blouse that I sewed for Quincy.  All except for one tiny detail – the part of the design where the back yoke gets attached to the bodice at the center.  It just looks a bit unfinished as you can see a bit of an actual unfinished edge in the construction.  And normally, my confidence in Liesel and her designs is so strong that I’d label this a simple user error, but in checking online, I’ve noticed many others who have struggled with the same point in this pattern.  And its a bit disappointing.  Because the blouse is super cute and my love affair with Oliver + S will most certainly continue, but I’m not 100% loving this finished result.  But hey, life’s not perfect and nor are sewing patterns, so for the cutenss of this latest little gem, I’m going to have to just suck it up and accept a little imperfection.  Probably not a bad life lesson.

IMG_0513(see where the unfinished edge peeks out at the join in the middle of the back yoke?  grrr)

The pattern:  Oliver + S’s Ice Cream Social Dress (in View C – the blouse)

The fabric:  ummm, no clue.  apologies.

The modifications:  none, but if anyone has any tips for how to avoid that little snafu happening at the center back yoke, bring it!

IMG_1066(she digs it)

The verdict:  its an adorable little shirt that will hopefully fit the babe this coming winter and spring.  I’m thinking it will look adorable with a long sleeve t-shirt underneath paired with a skirt and leggings in winter, and with a pair of the chambray sailboat pants in spring.

Because these sailboat pants are our most worn garment this season.  Most worn – as in any garment, store bought or hand made.  And with a closet full of adorable Ralph Lauren hand-me-down dresses, that’s saying a lot.  We’ll pick a pair of wrinkly chambray pants over Ralph Lauren any day around here…

photo-109(hmmm, i guess they’re getting a bit snug on the babe.  time to whip up another pair for next season.  as if i needed another reason to dive into this pattern again.  love.)

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2 Responses to Ice Cream Blouse

  1. Cerrine says:

    I love the top! But I’m mostly here for the cute baby pictures! Droopy cheeks, I just love this age so much! Laughing over the photo of her poking the doll’s eye, so cute (except when it happens with the real baby eyes!) Mine’s currently in a hitting, slamming doors, telling me to go away phase. Grrr. Also, what an awesome mom you are, making your daughter pretty clothing!

    • Spools&Skeins says:

      Thanks!! I figure i might as well make clothes for quincy now before she can revolt and refuse to wear any of my creations. Its only a matter of time 😉 Please tell me I have a bit more time before she’s embarrassed by my hand-made creations!!

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