A bucket (hat) for the babe…


After tackling this Bubble Dress, I decided that I had JUST enough fabric leftover to dive into the Reversible Bucket Hat – also an Oliver + S pattern.  And its just too cute for words.  The pattern is a free download (available here) – a simple three piece pattern, cut out the fabric, add a splash of interfacing, and a few rows of topstitching on the brim later, I had a wee baby sun hat.


I made the extra small (size 6-12 months), which, if the babe doesn’t take after her father and have an abnormally large head (love your head, hon!), should fit her thru next summer.  Fingers crossed for a normal sized baby noggin…


(of course i forgot to flip the hat inside out and take a picture of the chambray side – i blame the 4:15am wake up call by the babe.  but you get a peek at the chambray on the inside of the hat in this shot.  blue chambray with light pink topstitching… ’nuff said)

The Pattern: Reversible Bucket Hat by Oliver + S

The fabric:  One side is the leftover fabric from this dress – a print called “Cardigan Girls” by Monica Lee. The other side is a blue cotton chambray that I bought in a quasi-bulk amount – in anticipation of lots of chambray baby clothing sewing in my future.


(baby legs!)

Modifications:  The only part I changed was that I left out the last bit of topstitching (above the hat’s brim) – Honestly, I did the topstitching and couldn’t get it to lie JUST RIGHT, so I unstitched it and decided that it looked pretty fine and dandy without that wonky top stitching.  Sometimes less is more, right?


(at least her desire to chomp on the baby swing gave me a chance to get a good close-up of the top stitching…)

The verdict:  I’m only wishing the sizing went up to my size.  Its that cute.  I have to reiterate my love of all things Oliver + S… As most commenters have noted out there, the products you make with the Oliver + S patterns look REALLY finished, have an interesting construction, and are just pretty fun to stare at when you’re done.




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2 Responses to A bucket (hat) for the babe…

  1. cerrine says:

    What a professional looking hat! I have to try this!
    (Cutest baby ever!)

    • Spools&Skeins says:

      Thanks!! I say give it a go! The pattern’s easy and free – two good things in my book 😉 Let me know if you do make it – I’d love to see!!

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