butt-ugly shopping cart cover


Admittedly, this is quite possibly the ugliest fabric on the face of the planet.  I know, I know, ick.  But what’s a crafter to do when she’s got a project that requires a boatload of fabric, a budget that prevents her from running to the nearest fabric store to stock up on 10 yards of fabric, and two huge (yet hideous) tableclothes that she got at the william sonoma outlet 10 years ago for a song and a dance just collecting dust in the closet.  Yeah, obviously there was a reason why these tablecloths were on sale.

Here’s a shot of each of the two gems:

IMG_9002 IMG_9005

The difficult part of this project was deciding which fabric was going to be the top side – the side on show to the world.  I asked the hubs for his input:

me: “which of these two fabrics is the least hideous?”

hubs: “um, the pink side.  i mean, they’re both REALLY ugly, but i guess thats the least ugly.  if thats the look you’re going for.”

why, yes, yes it is.


(see how enthusiastic the hubs is to push the babe along in this hideous thing…)

Since Quincy is now sitting up on her own, I’m able to throw her in the front of the shopping cart when we’re out and about.  I love having my little shopping buddy scoping out bargains at TJ Maxx with me.  I’m also secretly cringing every time she puts her hands (and mouth) all over the germ-infested carts.  Now, I’m no germ-a-phob mama.  But watching her grab that little cart handle and then put those cute pudgy hands into her mouth, just about makes me gag.  And there’s no amount of Purell in the world that would ease my mind.


(the very ingenious strap to clip her toys onto.  because she’s now in that throw-every-toy-on-the-floor-and-watch-mama-pick-them-up phase.)

So, when you can’t clean it, I say cover it up!  Enter the Universal Shopping Cart Cover.  I used this tutorial.  Which is truly ingenious.  Except for the fact that it requires about 10 yards of fabric.  Hence the use of the extra large tablecloths hiding in my fabric stash.  Because, while I love the idea of making a cover to keep the babe germ-free at our ghetto Walmart, I do not love the idea of spending a small fortune on 10 yards of fabric.

Here’s the gist… you make two (very) large circles, sew them together, cut out leg holes and slits for safety straps, then add a pocket and some accessory straps (to clip the babe’s toys to – keeping them close at pudgy hand), and finally thread some elastic thru the whole thing.  And voila… a “my-mama’s-paranoid-about-germs-and-all-i-got-was-this-lousy-shopping-cart-cover” cover.


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