a new babe = a new blanket


With my sister’s third babe on the way, it was only a matter of time before I picked up the needles and cast on for a baby blanket.  I briefly entertained the notion of sewing a blanket (sewing baby quilts is a bit of an addiction for me), but I wanted this blanket to get used.  As in dragged around the floor,… kind of use.  One that can get thrown in the washer and dryer countless times.  And while a baby quilt is of course machine washable, I feel like a lot of parents view them as “too nice” to actually use.  And I want the babe to actually use this one.

I chose big blocks of color.  I love non-traditional type colors for babies (I don’t think I’ve ever actually knit anything pastel for any babe – funny how that works) and thought this mix would work well.  Greys, blues, with just a splash of bright yellow.  I contemplated throwing some green in there, but once I got thru the blues, the blanket just seemed done to me.  Which is good because the babe will be here in about 2 weeks.  And I got sorta sick of knitting all that garter stitch, ya know?


I cast on 100 stitches, knit each color for 40 rows (using almost the entire skein), giving me a blanket with a dimension of 30” by 30”.  Just about right.  Big enough to cover him in the carriage or car seat.  And small enough to be able to be dragged around the house once the babe is in motion.

All this baby blanket knitting almost gets me in the mood to have another little babe of my own.  That is, until its 2am and I’m up once again with my wee one and the sleep deprivation sets in and I realize how having another kiddo before the first one is sleeping thru the night sounds like a special sort of torture.


My ravelry notes are here


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