Sailboat Pants


Sewing pants in the middle of June just feels wrong.  There should be lots of dress, romper, and skirt sewing going on.  But since its still 55 degrees most nights here, topping 70 degrees during the day, and I refuse to buy more cold weather clothes for the babe in the middle of summer, I busted out the Oliver + S Sailboat Pants pattern one more time.  With some classic chambray fabric this time.  Because if I have to sew pants in summertime, let them at least be a nice cool chambray.


Pattern:  Oliver + S Sailboat Pants.  Same pattern as this time.  Sized 6-12 months.

Fabric:  Robert Kaufman Chambray (i heart this fabric.  a lot)


(i dig the pearl buttons.  gives the pants a bit of a european flair.  i’m not sure euro babies wear onesies off the clearance rack at target with their classy pearl button pants, but thats just how we roll around here…)

Modifications:  None.  Only since the pants are a bit loose around the waist, I will probably move the buttons in a bit closer.  Because while her legs have a delicious baby chunkiness to them, her waist just doesn’t seem to have any chunk whatsoever.  So, I’ll just cinch the waist up a bit next time they’re off the babe – that is, whenever there’s a day that I actually decide to dress the babe in something other than these pants.


Verdict:  Still loving the pattern.  It comes together so quickly and as always, a very professional end result (thanks to Oliver + S.  my sewing skills cannot take any credit here.  its all in the pattern writing.)


Admittedly, the pants are looking a little wrinkly.  But its only because they’ve been on her bod 24/7 since I finished them.  Because when its still chilly and the only pants you have left that sort-of-fit you are a pair of hot pink too small sweatpants that are so small they look like skinny jeans, you’re totally cool wearing the same pants every day.  As long as they fit.  And have pearl buttons.

So we wear them every day.  While the cool weather persists.  And dream of hot summer days when we’ll be able to bust out the closet full of handmade dresses and rompers.  Until then, its a good thing chambray goes with just about anything.  And its a good thing we love the pants…


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