Sailboat Pants


My obsession with Oliver + S patterns is not new news.  I’ve been wanting to try out the Sailboat Pants for awhile now.  And as the babe is now 6 months, I felt that it was about time to bust out this pattern and give it a go.


Adore.  Adore the pants.  Adore the babe.  Its all good.

The Pattern:  Oliver + S Sailboat Pants

The Fabric:  Wrenly by Valorie Wells (Free Spirit Collection) – leftover from the Ta-Ta Top

The Modifications: I made the waist a bit smaller by moving the buttons over a tad.  I figure at least the pants will fit her now and as she gets bigger, I can simply move the buttons to their right position as she chunks up a bit.  Her legs are deliciously chunky.  Her waist, not so much.

The Verdict:  The pattern is all things Oliver + S patterns are hyped up to be: clear, concise, instructive, and just a whole lot of fun to put together.

IMG_8040(love the side cuff vents… makes for a really polished finish.  its these little touches that make Oliver + S patterns oh so fabulous)

It took me a few naps and one late night session (and by late night, I mean until 10pm) to churn out this little gem.  While I love the fabric, its not the one I would have chosen for this pattern.  But given that I had enough laying around – which meant I wouldn’t have to actually leave my house and go to a fabric store – it was good enough for me.  Because while I adore fabric shopping, when you don’t live near one and the babe melts down in the car for any ride over 30 minutes, and you’re just really itching to get cracking on a new pattern, well, just about any fabric will do.  And I do dig this fabric, but I think for the next pair, I’m going to make them a more all-purpose type pant – one that can be worn with anything all summer long.  I’m thinking a little blue chambray.  Because I do dig all things chambray.


This was one of those patterns that was a lot fun to make, but even more fun having the babe wear them.  The fit is perfect.  The flat front is oh so charming, and the back elasticized waist makes for a snug fit in the back.


But what I love the most is how easy it is getting them on her.  I find other elastic pants difficult to get over the babe’s ample diapered tush these days.  There’s a lot of pushing and pulling involved.  Its a bit like a wrestling matching on the changing table lately.  And I can’t imagine the babe enjoys it either.  But with the buttons in front, it makes it a whole heck of a lot easier to get the babe into these wee pants.


And here they are in action… mid kung-fu kick.


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