6 Months… albeit a bit belated


“The days are long, but the years are short.”

Its only been six months, and some days (and nights) have certainly seemed VERY long indeed, but as I look back on the past few months since Q’s arrival, I really do think, “where has the time gone?”  I can only imagine how many times I’ll be saying this in the years to come.

Here’s what’s been going on in Quincy’s little world:


  • Having her hair brushed
  • When daddy does the “Monkey Shake” or the “Smoochie Train” – uncontrollable giggles ensue
  • Bouncing in her jumperoo
  • Waking up at 4:30am (which Mama most definitely does not like)
  • Being in her carrier – we moved her to the front facing position for a bit now and she absolutely loves it!
  • Favorite book:  Is Your Mama A Llama
  • Favorite song:  Hey There Pretty Baby
  • Favorite toy: A hand-me-down little crinkle book
  • Favorite foods:  Sweet potatoes, avocado, and oatmeal
  • Kisses on her tummy
  • Leg massages (like mama, like daughter)
  • Watching running water
  • Riding on Daddy’s shoulders (and drooling all over his head)
  • Dance party:  I put her in the carrier, start up the music and we sing and dance around the living room – our own little mama-bebe dance party.


  • While she’s warming up to it, she’s still not a huge fan of tummy time
  • Long car rides
  • Dirty diapers!


(my favorite new expression)


  • First solids:  Mama-made sweet potatoes.  After about three days, she started getting the hang of it.  Some of the potatoes actually made it into her tummy.  By day four, she was screaming if I didn’t get the potatoes into her mouth fast enough.
  • She can push up on her arms now while on her stomach.  Instead of doing the superman pose (arms back, balancing on tummy).  She’s up on her arms and looking all around.
  • Playing on her activity gym unattended for spells throughout the day.
  • She’s rolling!  She rolled over for the first time the other day!
  • Waking up only once a night.  I repeat, ONLY ONE WAKING PER NIGHT!  This is a massive accomplishment.  One which has left me just a bit less sleep deprived and a whole lot more sane.
  • Reaching and grasping for just about anything in front of her.  My glasses are covered in little baby fingerprints these days.  Love the baby fingerprints…
  • Climbing her way out of the newborn bouncy seat.  Guess she’s outgrown that one.
  • Making little raspberry kisses of her own.  When she gets excited, she purses her lips, sticks out her tongue and starts spitting.
  • First fever and a resulting trip to the ER :(
  • We no longer nurse to sleep – she can put herself to sleep all on your her now (sometimes with a few tears, but mostly she just nods off peacefully.)
  • Getting in the water for her baby swim class


And I’m loving…

  • Our afternoon nursing session – after her noon nap, I often bring her into bed with me and we nurse.  Without distraction, she seems to feed the best this way.  And I just love this quiet, calm part of our day – where I can lay down with her, drink in her deliciousness as much as I want while she’s relaxed and content.  We both get a bit of a rest before the business of the afternoon ahead.
  • Kissing the back of her neck.
  • Carrying the sweet babe around in her carrier.  Loving the closeness, loving how alert she now is, loving watching her drinking in everything around her, loving being able to go about my day with my favorite little babe so close.
  • The new facial expressions that emerge every single day.
  • Holding her close after her nap – she’s still groggy with sleep and so super relaxed.  Just snuggling her close before she fully wakes up.
  • Her big, brown eyes, ever so attentive, drinking in the newness of everything all around her.


I’ll admit, the first few months were a bit hairy there for awhile.  The sleep deprivation, constant nursing, and evening witching hour screaming sessions weren’t easy to work thru.  But at 6 months, its just a whole lotta fun:  watching her sweet (and oftentimes stubborn) personality emerge, feeling those chubby little arms reach out and grab us when she awakens, seeing the wide toothy grin that erupts over her entire wee face at the first sign of some mama or papa silliness, and yes, even feeling her tiny “death grip” on your chest when she’s in an uncertain surrounding.  Its like holding a chubby bundle of love these days and while I’m sure every stage will be my favorite, I sure am loving the deliciousness of this 6 month old sweet babe.

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