Honey Cowl

I finally jumped on the bandwagon last week and cast on for the honey cowl.  The project that apparently every other knitter in the universe has already knit, worn, and cast on for a second version.  Ravelry has 10,000 honey cowls listed.  10,000.  This is number 10,001.


A few reasons for indulging in my latent desire to finally knit up one of these suckers:

  • Scoring two skeins of Madelinetosh on sale.  Two skeins of DK Tosh just scream Honey Cowl to me.
  • I’m a habitual baby-wearer these days.  And its still chilly out.  And while the hub’s coat zipped up around both me and the babe keeps her toasty warm on our walks, my exposed neck has been just that… exposed.  And freezing.  And shoving a burp cloth on my neck isn’t exactly the fashion statement I’m going for.  And a scarf would just get in the way and inevitably end up with baby drool/spit-up/slobber all over it.  A cowl, on the other hand… genius.
  • I was in need of a simple, mindless project.  Because my lack of sleep these days is causing me to be both simple and mindless.  A project requiring any more thought would inevitably end up in the permanent work-in-process basket.
  • And finally, a really unfortunate hair cut is in the process of growing out and the prospect of knitting a garment that could potentially hide the scraggly mess that is the back of my head right now is worth its weight in gold, in my book.


(see how the cowl hides the back of my hair – yay.  see how the sweet babe is sporting that scowl – love)

The Pattern:  Madelinetosh’s Honey Cowl

The Yarn:  Two skeins of Madelinetosh DK in Clematis

The Needles:  Size 8

The Modifications:  none

The Verdict:  This cowl is a gem.  I’m loving the yarn, the pattern, and the joy of wearing two skeins of madtosh around my neck for about 18 hours every day makes me realize why there are 10,001 honey cowls floating around ravelry.  Its just that awesome.

And here it is in action :)



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4 Responses to Honey Cowl

  1. Cerrine says:

    I love the cowl! It’s definitely going on my list to make, maybe for this coming fall.

    Scowling babies are AWESOME! They’re so much fun.

    • Spools&Skeins says:

      Thanks!! That said, if this chilly weather holds up, you can cast on now and still get a chance to wear it this season – because it doesn’t feel like its gonna warm up anytime soon!

      And I totally agree – gotta love a babe with an attitude. Well, at least until she starts talking and giving me attitude! That, I can do without :)

  2. melissa says:

    good for you! glad to see that you’re back on the bandwagon….looking good!

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