Sometimes you just need to know when to call it quits.  When to abandon ship.  When to accept a project for what it really is (something that you will never EVER wear), and let go of it… and hopefully salvage whats left – repurposing it for a different, a better project.

I spent the other night unraveling a hooded sweater I had made ages and ages ago.  It was probably about 8 years ago that I bought the wool (Rowan Big Wool – an entire sweater’s worth – my first really big yarn splurge).  I had one knitted sweater under my belt and was ready to tackle sweater number two (Sophie Britten’s Hooded Top.)  My plans for a big chunky wool hooded sweater were in the works and I couldn’t have been more excited.

Until I finished the sweater and realized that the allure of creating a quick knit sweater (on massively chunky size 19 needles) didn’t outweigh the sad reality that it takes a certain special kind of someone to pull off wearing a sweater of these proportions.


I really should have taken a photo of it before I started unraveling it.  But believe me, it was just that awful.  It wasn’t just the fit.  It was the overall chunk effect that had me resembling the Michelin Man in that sweater.  The Michelin Man in an odd-shaped cropped sweater.  Because, oh yeah, not only was the sweater so absurd that it would make twiggy look plus-sized, but it was cropped.  And if an overly chunky sweater wasn’t bad enough, then try on a cropped overly chunky sweater – that’ll set your self esteem sailing thru the roof.

So, after literally eight years of having this fully completed (and sewn up) sweater in my closet, I unearthed it during one of my recent purging sprees.  I decided then and there to just frog the whole thing.  Cut my losses, repurpose the yarn, and set my knitting karma back on track.  And yet, there it stood, on top of my sewing basket.  For months.  Every glance its way reminding me of the massive mistake that was this sweater, but somehow I just couldn’t bring myself to take a scissor to it and make the leap.  But now… now, I finally did it.


And its sort of liberating.  Being able to just chalk this one up to experience.  To admit that while I may have had the best of intentions, this sweater just didn’t live up to expectations.  And thats okay.  Because sometimes undoing something takes just as much effort/courage/determination as it does to create in the first place.  And both can be just as rewarding.

Especially when you’ve finally liberated 7 balls of Rowan Big Wool from the tortures of the sweater-that-never-should-have-been.  I have to think the yarn is thanking me right now…

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