Sadly, a hand knit never worn…


I knit up this little newborn cardi in anticipation of plenty of cuddle time with the new baby – and figuring I would need a little cardi to keep her warm during all the skin-on-skin contact we were going to be having the first few days of her itty-bitty life.  Hence this itty-bitty cardigan.  However, what I didn’t anticipate was the full body brace that the babe would be sporting from day one until day 45.  Which basically made this cardi totally useless.  Because it wouldn’t fit onto her wee bod with the crazy full body harness she was sporting.

So, while it never actually got worn, I figured I’d show it off anyway.


The Pattern:  Newborn Vertebrae

The Yarn:  Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Mediumweight (perhaps my all time fav yarn) in Raspberry Mousse (perhaps my all time fav colorway)

The Needles:  US 3

The Mods:  nada

The Verdict:  Tough to comment on when this hand knit has seen neither the light of day nor any baby’s back, but I think its a pretty cute knit.  The purpose (keeping a newbie warm while still having skin-on-skin contact while she’s laying on your chest) is fabu.  If only we could have used it.  Oh wells… If this kiddo ever decides to sleep thru the night and we, in turn, decide we can actually handle having another babe, we’ll have another shot of actually using this cardi.  Fingers crossed.




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