Plain (but oh so cute) vest

With our chilly winters upstate, I’ve been noodling over knitting a plain little vest for the babe. Enter Pickle’s appropriately named Plain Vest. Its just the type of vest I was looking for and with a few modifications, it knitted up in a jiffy and was modeled by the babe yesterday. So, it was 45 degrees, thereby making a wool vest pretty unnecessary, but since when are hand knits worn strictly for necessity?

The Pattern: Plain Vest by Pickles

The Yarn: Malabrigo

The Needles: US 7

The Modifications: The pattern is sized for a one year old. However, I wanted to modify it to fit the babe now. I think I came up with a good sized 3-6 month vest by making the following mods:

  • Knit the bottom band 10 rows
  • Knit the body 6” before beginning the armhole row
  • Armholes: cast on 22 sts (not 16 sts as the armhole seemed a bit tiny – even for a smaller sized babe)
  • Yoke: Excluding 5 sts on each side for the border, there are 102 sts to decrease across. Since I made the armholes bigger, I had 12 additional sts to decrease. Here is how I worked the decrease:
  • 1st decrease row: 102 sts, decrease by 20 sts Knit 3 rows
  • 2nd decrease row: 82 sts, decrease by 16 sts Knit 3 rows
  • 3rd decrease row: 66 sts, decrease by 14 sts Knit 2 rows
  • 4th decrease row: 52 sts, decrease by 12 sts Knit 1 row
  • Last decrease row: 40 sts, decrease by 8

I used this website to calculate how each decrease row was worked.

The Verdict: As written, I can’t really comment on the pattern as I did make a decent amount of modifications. That said, I wasn’t overly fond of the fact that the pattern writers did not include the directions for the decreases… Simply stating to ‘decrease x stitches per row’ isn’t very helpful. That said, by using this website, I was able to calculate the placement of the decreases to create an evenly decreased garment. This decrease website is pure genius, in my opinion. And I’m a huge fan of finding someone else who has already done all the work, thereby making my job at pattern modification oh so much easier.

That said, despite veering off the written path so far, I’m very happy with how this vest turned out. Its the PERFECT fit for the babe right now. She wears it nearly every day up at the house and it does a great job of keeping her toasty warm.

And given the rate that this babe is chunking up, I’m already casting on for the one year old size – which will probably fit in the very near future. Because who doesn’t adore a babe in a woolen vest?

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