Wintery Love

Now, I’m not exactly loving the 7 degree weather we’ve been having lately, but there’s a lot to be said for an excuse to hunker on down inside and enjoy all the wintery goodness that only a freezing weekend up in the country can bring…

  • Casting on for yet another sweater for the babe.  Its an addiction, really… this baby cardigan knitting.  Which seems fully justified given the frigid temperatures of late.  But I’ll use any excuse, really.

  • Enjoying lots of fires.
  • Finally finishing this sweater.  With just enough yarn leftover to make a wee sweater for the babe.  But in a different pattern.  I just don’t think I can subject Q to a matchy-matchy sweater just yet.  But give me time…

  • Playing dress up with the babe and her new duds (more on the sweater to come soon)

  • Watching this babe play with her daddy – and the smiles that resulted.

  • Attempting (and failing) to take her 3 month photos… there was a grimace and arms covering her “3 months” sign on every shot.  Oh well…

  • Taking early morning photos of the snowfall

  • A vest so well worn, its permanently taken up residence on our living room coffee table.  It gets busted out and thrown on the kiddo at any sign of a chill.  Definitely my most worn hand knit so far.

  • These little fists grabbing anything in sight now.

  • Just adoring this little face.

  • Anticipating some snow storm sewing.

  • And no matter how cold, bundling up the babe for our daily walk.  Typically, 5-6pm has been a particularly difficult time of day (isn’t the witching hour difficult for anyone with wee ones around?!) But to combat the babe’s inevitable early evening crankiness, we get outside for a refreshing walk – fresh air for both me and the babe = a very good thing and a wonderful little ritual that I’ve come to look forward to every day.  Makes the witching hour that much more bearable…

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