Just when you feel like you may have made enough baby clothes to outfit your babe for their entire first year…

… its time to move onto the baby toys.  And thats just what I did one Friday night when the hubs was out of town and I had a nice chunk of time to figure out (wrestle with) the Nesting Block Pattern from Anna Maria Horner’s book.  The pattern itself was easy.  The manipulation of the multiple layers of fabric and hard-core double sided fusible interfacing, nah so much.  But it worked.  And after giving myself a little pat on the back for sewing an entire project made entirely out of scraps, I now have a cute little toy to put up on the shelves in the nursery (that have yet to be hung – but maybe this will be incentive to do so.)

The pattern: Nesting Blocks by Anna Maria Horner from her book Handmade Beginnings

The fabric: All random scraps in my stash.  And stray bits of ribbon that I had shoved in the depths of my sewing table drawers laying around.

The modifications:  None.

The verdict:  Its a great little pattern.  And while the interfacing was a tad difficult to work with, it produced a very sturdy finished product and I’m thrilled with the look of them.  The only thing I didn’t do was the fifth teeniest block.  Not sure whether its because I just ran out of steam or if the thought of trying to manuover that cardboard-like interfacing into such a teeny block seemed like too much to tackle at midnight on a Friday night.  So I abandoned ship and just called it a day.  Four little nesting blocks.  And one little babe who will never know that there were supposed to be five.

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