Fancy Pants Bubble Dress

I really have to stop doing this.  “This” being creating the same dress over and over again for the babe.  But I feel totally justified in sewing yet another bubble for Q.  Here’s my rationale (its fun to rationalize totally unnecessary crafting projects, ya know?)

So, I can be a bit of a procrastinator.  Shocking, I know.  For example, when the apartment has to get cleaned or I have a list of to-do’s longer than my arm, I can find ways to fill the time that doesn’t involve crossing any items off that list as if it was my job.  And when the hubs asked me the other day when we should plan to have this kid baptized, my immediate thought was, “sure, we’ll totally get to that… some day.”  And then I realized that left to my own devices, this kid would be entering kindergarden before we ever got her splashed with the holy water.

And here’s where the bubble dress comes in.  Because I made it in the smallest size possible (0-3 months.)  See where I’m going with this?  I figured if I made her a christening gown, it would give me some incentive to actually get her christened – because if I’m making her another dress, she’s sure as heck gonna wear it.  And according to the dress size, I’ve got until February to get the show on the road.  Enough time to light a fire under me, without causing undo stress.  Truthfully, all thats required is calling up our church and just setting the date.  And renting out our local pub for lunch afterwards for friends and family (because that’s how we roll), so its not really some great endeavor.  Its just another task on my perma-to-do list that could so easily be put off.  Hence the dress.  Because if I make it, the christening will be scheduled and she will be wearing it.  Either that, or I just made the fanciest newborn nightgown I could possibly imagine.  Lets hope not…

The pattern:  Oliver & S Bubble Dress

The fabric:  The outside is a white silk dupioni – which is pretty friggin expensive (especially for a baby’s dress)… unless you get it at Joann’s with a 50% off coupon and only need half a yard for such a wee dress.  The lining is a kona cotton muslin.  My go-to dress lining.

The modifications:  I had to make this one a bit different than all the others.  Because even bubble dress sewing can get a bit monotonous if you don’t spice things up. But also because this is for a semi-special occasion.  And a plain white bubble dress just wouldn’t do.  I found this bit of lace in my mom’s sewing box and thought it would be the perfect way to spruce up the dress as well as have a bit of her incorporated into the dress.  Throw on the simple organza sash I created for her Christmas dress, and we’ve got another Bubble dress done.

The verdict:  Bubble dress = love.  Now I’ve just gotta get that Baptism scheduled.  Pictures to follow once I wrestle her into the dress.

The promise:  Not to post any more bubble dresses on this blog.  And if I do, in some cruel self inflicting way, decide to actually sew another one of these dresses, I’ll at least do it in private, late at night behind closed doors, and won’t publicly admit to it.

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