Christmas Jammies

… which I probably should have waited to make til after the babe was born.  Because when I attempted to wrestle her into these jammies on Christmas Eve, I quickly realized that making a size 0-3 month PJ set for our two month old, just wasn’t gonna work.  The top and the pants were both a tad tight.  But I squeezed Q into them for an afternoon and got some cute snaps.

For the top, I used a plain 0-3 month sized long sleeve onesie.  Using the fabric from the pants, I cut out a couple of the little snowmen and used Heat n Bond Lite Iron-on Adhesive to attach that little bit of fabric to the front of the onesie.  It was super simple to do – I ironed the paper onto the wrong side of the fabric, the peeled the paper backing, and then ironed that onto the onesie.

For the pants, I followed my tutorial.  I simply used a 0-3 month sized pair of teeny pants as a template for Q’s pants.

And VOILA, coordinating (if someone snug) flannel Christmas PJs.


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