My little bit of Christmas joy…

…involves baking cookies, naturally.  Its very cliche, but also very true.  I would love to say my favorite holiday tradition included some wacky family ritual, but no, its all about the cookies.  Because thats how my family rolled.  Me and my mom, in the kitchen, baking her special “roll cookies” while listening to Christmas carols.

I have no idea of the source of this recipe.  Its just one that my mom knew off the top of her head.  She never had to consult the recipe – its an easy one with just a few ingredients.  But the recipe was scribbled down on a torn sheet of paper kept in her ancient (and barely held together by a rubber band) Betty Crocker Cookbook.  I don’t think my mom actually ever used any recipes out of that cookbook, she just threw all recipes that she had written down on scraps of paper inside that book.  You can tell where I get my fabu organizational skills from.

How to describe this cookie?  I hesitate to compare it to shortbread, because its most definitely not shortbread, but it is made with a ton of butter and has a bit of the same dense texture as shortbread.  Except this is loaded with mini chocolate chips and rolled in confectionary sugar.  Because rolling anything in confectionary sugar makes it better.

Mom’s Chocolate Chip Roll Cookies


2 sticks butter softened to room temperature

2 teaspoons vanilla

¼ cup sugar

1 tablespoon water

2 cups flour

½ bag mini choc chips

Confectionary sugar


Preheat the oven to 325 degrees.

Put the butter, vanilla, sugar, water and flour in a large mixing bowl.  With your hands, mix the batter until its well blended.  There is very little liquid in this batter, but once you incorporate the butter into the flour, the batter will come together nicely.

Using a teaspoon of batter, roll dough into little log-type-shapes.  It will be very sticky.  If desired, you can place the batter in the refrigerator to chill – it will be easier to handle chilled.  Or if you’re overly anxious (and lazy), like me, you can just deal with the sticky mess and start shaping your cookies.

The cookies can be placed closely together on a baking sheet as they do not grow upon baking.

Bake for 15-20 mins til golden brown.

Once the cookies are cooled, roll them in confectionary sugar to coat.

These cookies just scream Christmas to me.  And must be made, without fail, every Christmas.  The tree could not go up, there could be no wreath on the door, I could forget to hang the stockings, but these cookies will be made.  Because some traditions just bring me that much joy.  And whipping up a batch of these gems = my little bit of Christmas joy.

Disclaimer:  this may be the only cookie batter in the entire universe that does not taste good raw.  As the finished cookie is slathered in confectionary sugar, there is a need for very little sugar in the actual batter.  So, if you do taste the batter and aren’t yet wowed by its fabulousness, don’t give up on the cookie just yet.  This is one of those “it takes awhile but you will be rewarded for your patience” cookie recipes.  Because once they are cooled and rolled in all the sugary deliciousness, you will then understand the beauty of this cookie recipe.


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