Baby hat re-do

Knitting before the babe arrived was a lot of fun.  Imagining all the delicious hand knits that I would dress her in, having fun with the patterns, trying out all types of new yarns, etc.  But, not having a babe to try the knits on for sizing was a bit challenging.  But I forged ahead, knitted sweaters, vests, and hats with reckless abandon and simply hoped they would fit.

Well, in the case of this hat, it didn’t.  At all.  The babe looked like a cone-head in it.  A very misshapen cone-head.  And no, I didn’t torture her with a ‘before’ photo.  Because while I have no problem putting the kiddo in all sorts of odd shaped knitted projects, not even I could let her out in public in that hat.  But with a little unraveling and re-knitting, I think we got a much better shaped hat for her wee newborn noggin.

Details on the original hat here.

Modifications I made in resizing:  I knit the body of the hat for 3.5” and then began decreasing for the crown.  much MUCH better.  And the babe no longer looks like a cone-head.  And thats a good thing.

I’m just not sure which is cuter… the hat or those cheeks…



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