Knitting vs Sewing…

… and knitting has been winning out every time.  There are a bunch of sewing projects I’m itching to get started on, but as the only time I get to craft is when Q is sleeping (and she takes every nap during the day in her Mai Tei carrier), its simply way easier to pick up the needles than to pull out the sewing machine.  Besides, I try not to operate heavy machinery while either suffering from sleep deprivation or while having a babe attached to me.  So, my lofty attempts at sewing a quilted Christmas stocking may have to wait for her second Christmas.

Which brings me to the ‘the baby finally got out of her brace and can start sporting some hand knits’ knitting!  Which brings this new mama tears of joy.  And diving into her wool stash to whip up some quick little knits that she can throw on the kiddo toute suite.  I love all the little cardis that I made before she arrived, but they’re all still way too big.  And after rummaging thru my stash and discovering the leftover Brooklyn Tweed Shelter I had from making this blanket, I jumped on the Pebble Vest pattern and whipped up this cutie.

The vest came together super quick – knit in one piece with buttons on one shoulder and along one side – which eliminates the need to put it over the babe’s head… sheer genius.  Its perfect for these chilly wintery afternoons when I simply dread wrestling Q into some long-sleeve-inevitably-way-too-big-for-her sweater or sweatshirt.  She sports this little vest all around the drafty house upstate and while we’re taking walks in the park in the city.

The Pattern:  Pebble Vest

The Yarn:  Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter in Sweatshirt

Modifications:  None

The Verdict:  More adorableness crafted out of one of my favorite slightly-scratchy-but-oh-so-fabulous wools.  Its teeny tiny so it won’t last too long as this babe of mine is chunking up nicely every day, but even if it gets a few weeks of wear, it makes this mama happy.  And unlike the Reindeer Hat, it actually appears that she likes wearing this one.  Either that, or she’s simply resigned herself to the fact that she’ll be modeling mama’s hand knits for a loooong time to come and she might as well get used to it.  Works for me.

Next up:  Another vest – the Pickles Plain Vest this time… but I’m thinking this one calls out for some Malabrigo deliciousness…  Stay tuned.



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  1. Cerrine says:

    Yay, so glad her little hip problem has been resolved! She looks so content and relaxed in the pictures above! Like she’s trying to refute your claims of her being scream-y and giving you a hard time!

    I fully spotted that vest on Pinterest the other day and was so sad to see it was a knitting project! It was on (I think you’ll like her blog!)

    Glad you’re back to more frequent blogging! I missed your posts (:

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