Sunday Goodness…

having the hubs take over two of last night’s feedings.  it took two days of pumping like mad to get enough breastmilk for those two bottles, but those 6 hours of uninterrupted slumber were totally worth it.  thx babe!

getting a little knit time in in front of the fire.  the pickles plain vest – working on sizing down the 1 year old free pattern to fit Q this winter.  its going to be an interesting test of my dormant resizing skills.  i’m knitting it on the fly, but thats just part of the fun.  until you’re done and realize it totally didn’t work and you just knitted a sweater that will only fit the most mis-shaped of troll-sized dolls.  but i’m going to remain optimistic and pretend it will just magically work out.  as I mentioned before, delusion is my new best friend this season.

realizing that while our christmas tree didn’t exactly fit into the tree stand, its still a great looking tree – and looks pretty good out on the back porch.  where it will likely stay until we can figure out the tree stand situation.

drinking a hot cup of tea while I took Q for a walk in the mai tei.

making my new favorite sunday winter meal: butternut squash soup in the slow cooker (slow cooker recipe = easy.  yay!) with a loaf of this easy little bread.  i made it last weekend, i’ll make it again next weekend, and will continue to do so until either me or the hubs turns orange from all the butternut squash.  its that good.  and easy.  did i mention easy?

getting back to blogging.  obviously, as a result of those said 6 hours of blissful slumber last night.  its amazing how a little sleep will get the creative juices flowing – and well, just being awake enough during one of Qs naps to open up the computer and actually type something.

letting myself off the hook for all the undone holiday sewing i was hoping to do.  specifically, this stocking for Q.  lets face it, its just not going to happen this year.  no matter how long i stare at the fabric sitting on the coffee table.  there’s always next year.

learning how to download books from the library onto my IPhone.  i heart library books.  i really heart library books that I can read on my phone at 2am while i’m nursing the babe.

enjoying a lazy day in front of the fire with the hubs and the babe =  my idea of sunday goodness.

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