Feeling grateful…

Its been a bit of a whirlwind, these past three weeks with a new babe, but I’m starting (just starting) to adjust… and aside from finding a little pocket of time to actually blog, I’m also finding little pockets of time to realize just how much I have to be grateful for – despite the massive sleep deprivation that can only come from life with a newborn.

This morning, I’m feeling especially grateful for:

  • My amazing community of family and friends who have given me so much love, support, and encouragement.  I don’t know where I’d be without all their support – oh, and all their awesome hand-me-downs!
  • Discovering Elizabeth Mitchell’s Little Seed CD.  Its amazing.  Its not your typical children’s song CD – its got a fun, folksy sound that is both soothing and playful – and has proved to be the perfect antidote for Quincy’s 6pm daily meltdowns… I throw the CD on, sing to her, and dance around the living room with her as only a desperate mama of a screaming newborn can do.

  • Daylight savings – getting a blessed extra hour of much needed sleep
  • Baby carriers.  Specifically, my Baby Hawk Mei Tai Carrier (Thanks for giving me yours, Jess!)  I don’t know how mothers functioned before these suckers.  When the babe is fighting naptime, I simply throw her in the babyhawk, and she’s out cold in 2 second flat.  Leaving me hands-free for at least 1-2 hours.  To fold laundry, to empty the dishwasher, to knit one or two rows of a new mara shawl.  You know, the important stuff.
  • Having Quincy snuggled up under her Brooklyn Tweed Shale blanket.  Most of the other handknits I made her can’t be worn quite yet because of her body harness (she was born with hip dysplasia and has to wear a harness for at least 6-12 weeks – so much for all the adorable handknit newborn sweaters!), but at least I can wrap her up in 6 skeins worth of Shelter deliciousness and know she’s warm and snug under there.


  • Being thankful that the doctors discovered her hip dysplasia and that there’s a relatively easy way of correcting it.  And praying that a mere 6-12 weeks of harness-wearing makes the little one’s hips good as new!
  • I feel like I sort of missed the fall – being cooped up in the apartment for the first few weeks after Quincy’s birth – but being up in the country this weekend, I’m thoroughly enjoying this early winter weather.  Yes, I missed the leaves changing, but I made it in time for the crisp (but not TOO chilly) air and am looking forward to a winter full of fires, bundled up walks with the babe, and hopefully, lots of knitting (I know, wishful thinking with a newborn… but a girl can dream.)

  • Watching, in amazement, how this sweet babe is constantly changing.  She looks like a completely different baby than the one placed in my arms just three weeks ago.  Loving that I can witness her daily changes and can hopefully take enough photos to document her tiny deliciousness in the years to come.

  • And mostly, that even in the moments when I’m feeling overwhelmed and a bit crazed from the sleep deprivation, I remember that they’re only babies once.  And I am so very blessed to have this amazing little being in my life.  Truly blessed.

Now, if we could only have daylight saving every Saturday (and I could figure out a way to knit while breastfeeding), then I’d totally be rocking this new-mama thing.

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