Welcome to the World!

And she’s here!  Quincy was born 10/11 at 8:48am weighing 5lbs, 15oz.  Its been a wonderful, albeit sleep deprived first week, filled with a steep learning curve for her new parents and lots of amazement seeing how this sweet babe changes almost daily.

Another shot… showing her sassy personality already!

I’ll be writing more once I figure out how to get this kid comfortably in my Mei Tai wrap so I can free my arms and actually type again.  Until then, I’ll just let the cute baby pics do the talking :)

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2 Responses to Welcome to the World!

  1. Cerrine says:

    She’s sooo gorgeous, Congratulations!! Love the photos, love the name, love her facial expressions.

    Hope you’re doing well and managing to get some sleep in during the day! Everyone always told me it gets better after 3 months, and it actually does become fun and everything settles down by then!

    Don’t forget to take care of yourself too :o)

  2. Spools&Skeins says:

    Thanks so much!! Its been a crazy two weeks – I somehow thought I’d have ALL this time to blog all about motherhood, my adorable new babe, and how everything’s going, but of course, I’m barely managing to get a shower in every day! But I’ll keep you posted! Thx for the sweet message – I figure if I can get thru the first three weeks, I’ll be golden 😉

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