I’ll be back…

… on the other side of Motherhood!

We’re scheduled for a c-section tomorrow morning so I’m going to be signing off for a few days.  This babe of mine is still stubbornly breech and all the tricks I’ve tried to move her (from summersaults in the gym pool to odd-ball inverted floor exercises) hasn’t yielded any results… so off to the hospital we go tomorrow.

Of course, my hospital bag is as yet unpacked, I still have to get some of the baby’s laundry done, and the apartment definitely needs a good cleaning before we leave in the morning.  That said, I’m currently holding a hot glue gun trying to get ONE LAST project done for the nursery before we get this kid home.  Yes, I may be having a baby tomorrow, but the crafting will continue until we actually have to leave to go to the hospital and the hubs has to pry the glue gun out of my hand.  More on that project once it (and the babe) are here!

Be back in a few!!


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