Admittedly I’ve gone a bit overboard in the baby-hat-knitting-department.  I’m not sure whether its because they’re just so little and adorable and take no time at all to knit, or whether its because for every hat I finish, I wonder if its the right size, material, pattern, etc and decide to make “just one more.”  Just because.  Just because I want this babe to have a fabu newborn hat – one that will keep her warm, fit her well, and be super soft on her newborn noggin.  And I just keep knitting them.  Hence the 5 newborn hats awaiting this babe.

My grand plan was to devote an entire week to the baby hat ridiculousness.  Showing one hat per day.  But I have to imagine I’d lose a few (well, all) readers if I chatted about baby hats for a solid week.  Not even I want to to read about that many baby hats…

Aside from the fact that they’re just baby hats.  How much is there really to say about each pattern?

That said, here’s the run down on all the hats…

Hat #1:  Simple Newborn Beanie

Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Cotton (leftover from this cardi).  This was the teeniest hat pattern I could find.  And knit up with a nubbily soft cotton, makes this the perfect coming home from the hospital hat.

Hat #2:  Children’s Cotton Hats by Kim Hamlin

Yarn: Bernat Cottontots Ombres.  This is my go-to gifted hat for new babies.  While I’m not a big fan of knitting with cotton in general (cotton inelasticity = sore knitting hands), I do love this colorful, cheap, and all-important machine-washable choice.  Only too fitting that I make one for my babe too.

Hat #3:  Last Minute Knitted Gifts’ Kim’s Earflap Hat

Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted.  Leftover yarn from the “In Threes” cardigan I made the babe = a perfect excuse for a matching hat.  Admittedly, this one looks a bit like a helmet, but I’m hoping once I get it on her head, it’ll all smooth itself out.

Hat #4: DK Baby Hat by Lorraine Bulson

Yarn:  Sublime Organic Cotton dk.  I had just gotten this lovely pale pink organic cotton at The Warm Ewe which fully justified another little baby hat, in my opinion.

Hat # 5:  Welcome to the World Newborn Hat

And last, but not least, my fav.  The babe’s Flower Power hat.  Back when my mom was going thru chemo, I made her the most super soft hat I could imagine – Purl Bee’s Simple Pleasure Hat – made double stranded with Jade Sapphire Silk/Cashmere and Rowan Kidsilk Haze.  I had just a smidgen leftover from her hat and figured what better use of some cashmere leftovers than a newborn hat.  Because doesn’t every new baby deserve just a smidgen of silky cashmere?

I used the “Welcome to the World Newborn Hat” which created just the teeniest little hat.  Perfect, in fact, in its teeniness.  I love using non-traditional colors for babies, hence the blue here, but couldn’t resist throwing a pinkish-purple flower on this one.  For the flower, I used Sue Thompson’s Knit Flower easy peasy flower pattern.

And with this last one completed, I am now done with the knitted hats.  All the knitted hats.  Because even I have my limits.  And 5 hats for one small babe is just about it.

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3 Responses to Baby-Hat-A-Thon

  1. Cerrine says:

    They’re all so so adorable. I love the last one best. But the little ear flap one looks so complicated to make. Yo, those hats are super expensive in stores so it’s awesome that you MADE 5 yourself. I bought 1 and couldn’t justify spending anymore money on them. Very useful skill to have

    I keep checking your website, hoping to see a “Baby’s Here!” announcement. Don’t know if you’re quite as eager, but I really CANNOT WAIT.

  2. Spools&Skeins says:

    Thanks!! The earflap hat was actually really easy to make – have you seen the Last Minute Knitted Gifts book? They have a really cute hat pattern that you can adapt to either roll brimmed, ribbed, garter brimmed, or one with ear flaps. I now sort of want one in my size :)

    Thursday is scheduled for D-Day! 2 more days til I get to slap a couple of hats on this babe!! I’ll keep you posted :)

  3. Cerrine says:

    I would totally buy one in my size too! Or better yet, matching ones for me and my daughter! Ahh, how cute would that be?! Have you thought about maybe opening an Etsy shop? (Well.. obviously not two days before you have a baby! But keep it in mind for later maybe..)Your work looks so professional!

    Unfortunately, every knitting attempt I go for ends disastrously. So I’ve given up for good. I’ve resorted to admiring other people’s work from far, far away.

    Sending tons of well wishes your way!

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