And because you can never have enough pink hippos…

… I just had to find another surface in this nursery-to-be to cover in this fabric. Its the leftover Michael Miller Zoology Bloom fabric I used in this quilt.

I took a plain Ikea Grono lamp (the little one they sell for $7) and doctored it up. I used this tutorial to create my own Ikea hack job.

The lamp measured 8.5” in height with a 15” circumference. I added 1” to the height and 2” to the circumference and cut out a 9.5” x 17” square. I then hemmed the top and bottom of the square down 1/4” two times and pinned the fabric around the lamp (wrong sides out) so it fit snuggly over the lamp. Then I removed the fabric, drew a chalk line over that pin line and sewed straight down… Three little seams and there you have it.

Slap a 40watt bulb in there and here you go. More adorableness masking as pink hippos. And the beauty is that when I get sick of the pink hippos (as if!!), I can just swap this out for another DIY fabric lampshade.

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