Little Swappies

As part of my “how to clothe a brand new baby without breaking the bank” challenge, I’ve become very inventive in my money saving ways.  First of all, accepting a boat-load of hand-me-downs from my super generous friends established at least 3/4 of the babe’s wardrobe.  What finally set me over the edge (in a good way), was attending the Little Swappies event in Soho on Saturday with my new (and oh-so-wise) mom friend, Natalia.

The premise of the Little Swappies event is basically a clothing swap for parents of little ones.  You pay $15 (which supports homeless teen mothers and their children in Covenant House’s Mother/Child Crisis Center and Nursery Program), bring your children’s outgrown clothing/toys/gear, and then once all the donated clothing is organized into gender/size/etc, you scavenge thru looking for items that you need.  I walked away with a bunch of swaddlers, newborn clothes, and some 0-3 month sleepers that I’m guessing this babe of mine will need.  And the beauty of the program is that at the end of the event, all unclaimed items get donated to Covenant House as well.  Its a win-win… you purge your closets at home of clothes your babes no longer need (and free up valuable storage space), come home with gently used – and needed – “new” clothes for the kiddos, and support a worthy charity.  Its baby clothing recycling at its best.

(some of my loot – its not all of it… i was so excited when i got home that i immediately started washing up my schwag.  i should just take a picture of my laundry hamper full of scored onesies)

I figure, kids are expensive enough, why spend a ton of money on a bunch of onesies that will inevitably just get full of crap (literally) – I’d rather score some cheap used clothes, bank the money, and get the babe’s college fund up and running.  Yeah, thats what I’d LIKE to do.  What I actually do is bank the money and run to my nearest yarn store to buy some over-priced fibers and knit the babe up a bunch of hand knitted items to supplement her vintage wardrobe.  Money well spent, in my opinion.

The funny thing about this whole event is how I had NEVER heard of anything like this before.  But I’m assuming big cities like NYC have events like this all the time.  Has anyone heard of any others??

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