Another Bubble…

This is definitely my mother’s fault.  The “find one pattern you love and then repeatedly sew that pattern with whatever fabric you have on hand til you end up with more garments than can possibly ever be worn” syndrome.  I used to laugh at her obsession with specific sewing patterns (namely the fact that I wore the same pants that she sewed, just in different colors, for basically my entire childhood.)  Now karma’s coming back to bite me in the arse.  Because I’ve caught that exact same bug.  Not sure whether its learned or generic, but I’m blaming my mom… And now my daughter is the victim.

That said, a bubble dress pattern already cut up + gifted fabric (thanks Rachel!) = one happy camper.  And another dress for the babe.  That won’t be worn til next year.  To match the other one I just made her.  See how this goes?  Yet another vicious sewing cycle.  But one I’ll happily continue til I never want to look at another bubble dress again.

The pattern:  Bubble Dress Pattern by Oliver + S (6-9 month size)

The fabric: Yet another Monica Lee polka dot fabric for the exterior.  This one is from her “Now We’re Going Places Dots” line.  Not sure which I’m more obsessed with, the pattern or the fabric.  Either way, both make this sewer’s heart smile.  I used the same pink gingham I used for this dress – because you can never have enough pink gingham in your babe’s wardrobe, in my opinion.

The modifications:  The only thing I added to this dress was a simple tie of grosgrain ribbon at the waist.  While I adore the fabric, it just seemed that the dress called out for a little splash of color to break up all the grey and white dots.  I simply tacked a length of 7/8” wide ribbon across the bodice.

The verdict:  I’m still loving this pattern.  And when you’ve got the pattern cut out already and have the complications from the first dress attempt fresh in your mind, the second dress comes together MUCH quicker.  I’m tempted to make it in every size that I bought (starting at 0-3 months because what newborn doesn’t need a Bubble dress), but that would require cutting out the pattern a few more times.  And I’m just not sure I’ve got the heart for that right now.  But hey, maybe next week…

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