Because one just wasn’t enough…

…one quilt, that is…

Since we head upstate most weekends (and will technically have two nurseries), one quilt just wasn’t gonna cut it.  Yes, I could have thrown the Cape Ann quilt in the car every Friday, but this is less about practicality and more about my new obsession with baby girl fabrics which all seems to just scream out QUILT to me.  So, after my initial indecisiveness about which set of quilt fabrics to choose, I figured, why pick one when you can just make two?

I fell in love with Michael Miller’s “Its a Girl Thing” fabric line once I picked up this adorable pink and grey elephant print.  Pink.  Grey.  And Hippos.  Nuff said.  I was sold on the entire line.  And after whipping up the little hippo sweet dress for the girl, I just had to make more out of this line.  With the remnants from that dress – plus a random bit of pink chambray fabric I found in the depths of my closet – I put together this simple 6×6 square quilt – measuring 33”x33”.  A little smaller than my last quilt with slightly bigger sized squares because, well, I had to spice something up.  Even I would get bored making two identical quilts for this babe.  Plus, I’ve always loved the color combination of greys with pastels and this one definitely fit the bill.

I constructed the quilt exactly the same as the last one.  I backed this one with a snuggly soft pink flannel that I had picked up (just one yard – gotta love the beauty of anything that requires less than one yard of fabric) – and trimmed the whole thing with bias tape I made out of the pink polka dot fabric.  And I used this little spreadsheet to calculate the measurements for the bias tape.

I created this continuous bias tape tutorial to show others the way of this geniusness… (and no, I did not create the method, just laid out the steps with a couple of photos – no need to reinvent the wheel here.)

Please feel free to use the spreadsheet for your own quilt binding endeavors!  Just enter the size of your squares, the number of squares in your quilt, and your desired bias tape width (I typically use 2.5”) and the spreadsheet spits out how much bias tape you will need and the size square you will need to cut to create your continuous bias tape.  Easy peasy…

And here she is… yet another baby quilt.  That’s two down and je suis fini!!  No mas.  Love ’em both, but I don’t want to see another quilting ruler or walking foot for the foreseeable future… or at least, til there’s another babe in need of a quilt.

The Fabric:  Michael Miller’s “Its a Girl Thing” line – I used the Bloom Grey/Pink, Zoology Bloom and some scraps of pink chambray I had laying around.  For the back, I used a basic pink flannel.

The Verdict:  I may have gone a bit overboard with the whole fabric line, but I just couldn’t help myself.  Here’s the matching crib skirt and once I get a photo of it,  you’ll see another way in which I’ve obsessively draped the nursery in more fabric from this line.

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