A Christmas Bubble

… because you can never have enough bubbles.  Bubble dresses, that is.  I decided to whip up a little Christmas bubble dress for the babe the other night.  And by “whip up” I mean print out another 37 page pattern, cut it up, and dive in with about 1/2 yard of Silk Dupioni in garnet red.  I was anticipating a green holiday dress, but when the store only has garnet in stock (um, probably because it was August still), and you’re itching to get started, red will suffice.

I cut out the 0-3 month pattern.  And its absolutely delicious in it teeny-ness.  Like the other Bubble dress I made, I felt this one also needed a little something to break up the solid color.  Hence another ribbon around the waist-line.

The pattern:  Bubble Dress Pattern by Oliver + S (0-3 month size)

The fabric: Silk Dupioni in Garnet.  And I used a Kona organic cotton in plain white for the lining.  Because it was all I had that would even remotely work with a bright red dress.  Lets just say red doesn’t often appear in my sewing repertoire, hence the lack of coordinating options in my stash.  But I think white’ll do…

The Modifications:  A simple organza ribbon around the waist – hand tacked onto the side seams.

The Verdict:  While fully realizing that I’ll be lucky to get just one picture of the babe in this dress before she either spits up, poops, or just starts crying hysterically, I’m happy with it.  Yes, I did just make a dress for a 2 month old baby in raw silk that requires dry cleaning – which really does seem like either the height of extravagance or just plain stupidity, but as I’m guessing she’ll only be wearing it once, off to the dry cleaners it will be sent, freshly cleaned of the anticipated spit-up schnasty-ness that only a 2 month old can produce, awaiting the next Christmas baby.


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