Continuing on the baby-crafting bandwagon…

I’ve either gone off the deep end, or have just finished the cutest set of onesies ever.  I’ll let you be the judge.

Admittedly I’ve gotten sucked into a lot of you’re-preggo-with-your-first-kid-and-going-overboard-with-baby-crafter-projects blogs.  I’m torn a bit by these blogs.  I’ve gotten some great ideas from a lot of these blogs (DIY mobiles, bed skirts, etc) – and at the same time, reading about a bunch of preggos decorating their picturesque nurseries with the amount of gorgeousness typically reserved for the Pottery Barn Baby catalog, has at times, left me feeling a bit overwhelmed.  And with DIY nursery-envy.  Which is silly.  Because I’m sure those bloggers went thru periods like I’m currently experiencing (the holy-crap-the-baby’s-coming-in-a-month-and-i-have-nothing-done freak out moments).  And at the same time, I have to realize that if my kiddo’s nursery isn’t exactly done when she arrives (or isn’t complete with the perfect curtains/rugs/etsy-prints/etc), I’ll be fine.  And the babe won’t mind.  And the hubs will probably be much happier without hearing my incessant requests for furniture moving and assembly.

Anyway, I digress.  This is really a post about a set of DIY onesies that I saw on numerous preggo blogs and couldn’t not make.  Sort of like the mobile.  Or the quilts.  Because thats where I choose to spend my creative energy these days.  Not in silly things like crib assembly.

After scoping out these numbered onesies online, I perused Etsy and found a bunch of pre-made ones for sale.  Which I loved.  And refused to buy because why pay for something when I can procrastinate in the nursery-creating department by wasting spending an embarrassing amount of time creating an adorable set of onesies.

In typical crafter fashion, I referred to Martha Stewart’s instructions online.  I bought a package of iron-on transfer paper and 12 cheap-o Carter’s onesies.   Martha’s number template printed our perfectly on the iron-on paper (of course… thanks Martha) and the instructions couldn’t be simpler.  You just cut out the numbers, lean hard enough on your iron to potentially break the ironing board (which is why I learned that Martha recommends NOT using your ironing board, but rather, a flat and stable surface that won’t threaten to topple over – like my ironing board nearly did).  But I simply hopped onto a chair to give myself some leverage (sadly, I did not get a photo of this step), pressed the hell out of that template, and had 12 of these onesies.

So, while I still have mad nursery envy, I’ve decided to turn off the computer (for today at least), ignore the prefect-preggo blogs, and just enjoy my latest DIY baby project – and feel a bit better about my half-assed nursery knowing that its got just enough DIY goodness to make this crafter happy.

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