Lots of goodness packed into this long weekend…

Going local at the Columbia County Fair – I somehow resisted the Zeppoli tent, but I did make my way to the wool, sheep, and (for the hubs) the tractor exhibits.

Oogling all the yarn at the weaving loom… the loom was unarmed though and sadly, I didn’t get to walk away with any.

Making actual progress (albeit tiny) on the nursery front.  I used this simple tutorial to whip up a super easy crib skirt for our Ikea crib.  I had just enough fabric leftover from the baby’s quilt to make a two-sided crib skirt.  Toss that crib in a corner so only two sides are visible and we’re all set!  No crib mattress yet, but at least we’ve got the skirt!

Making a batch of Power Bars.  Verdict … deeeee-lish.  Super yummy plus there’s WAYYY less crap in these sukkers than the store bought energy bars I was convincing myself were actually healthy.  Um, turns out, they’re not.  I suppose snacking on a Luna bar is better than chowing down a Snickers bar, but after doing a little research, I realized they’re only marginally better.  Bring on the homemade energy bars.  Next up, homemade granola bars…

Attempting to make a healthy version of zucchini muffins.  I used this recipe.  The only modification I made was to cut the sugar from 3/4 cup to 1/2 cup.  Because then you can rationalize adding in 1/4 chocolate chips.  See how that works?  These muffins weren’t necessarily the bomb-diggity – but in the attempt to get some veggies into me and not resort to Paula Deen’s 1-cup-of-oil-plus-3-cups-of-sugar zucchini bread recipe, I’m diggin the result.

Thanks for the garden fresh zucchini, Jess!!  Loving the Coudy grown veggies 😉

Discovering soy cheese pizza.  Its no mozzarella, but it gets the job done.  Pizza craving fixed.

Working on my entry for the Pins & Needles Surprise Sewing Challenge.  The idea is each entry gets a surprise box of fabric and notions and you need to create a new design with the items in the box.  And at the end of the challenge, there is a vote on the P&N blog to decide the winner.  There will be more info as we get closer to completion, but lets just say that today’s attempt #1 was less than stellar.  I’m working on a top and I may MAY have underestimated how much bigger I am now that I’m 8.5 months preggers.   Because my first muslin rendering of this surprise top didn’t even remotely cover the girls or any of their surrounding area.  It did fit the size minus 2 dress form I have (the seller on craigslist may have neglected to mention just how tiny the dress form he was selling was, hence the twiggy-sized dress form mocking me from the corner of my craft studio), but no way was this top getting on this inflated chest of mine.  Back to the drawing board.  Two more weeks (and a lot more muslin) to sort this one out.

Squeezing into my golf shirt and playing a fun 9 holes.

Granted, all this goodness was only slightly countered with my minor melt down Sunday morning (baby to do list feeling a bit daunting, overwhelmed with all the baby books I’ve yet to read, realizing that I have no idea what I’m going to do once we get this baby home, concerned that this stubborn babe refuses to move out of her perma-breech position, my lack of an afternoon nap, 8.5 month pregnancy hormones, etc etc etc).  I’m not sure which was necessarily to blame, but a minor melt down I did have.  But after hurling absurd accusations at the hubs, having a bit of a cry, then playing 9 holes of golf, eating pizza for dinner, and finally getting a decent night’s sleep, all was right with the world again.

Hope everyone had a great long weekend!

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