Today felt how every summer day should feel.  Picnics with craft projects, cards, some minor sporting gear, and lots of lazing away the day on a blanket in the shade.  I feel really lucky.  Sometimes when I watch my niece and nephew I feel the need to always have something fun planned – the movies, bowling, you name it… anything that sets me back an easy $50, and we’re doing it.  But today – totally out of exhausted necessity – we had a chill day.  And it was pretty friggin perfect.

We spent the day at the park… picnicking, eating lunch in the shade, hitting the playground, and chasing away overly aggressive geese who proved to be not at all afraid of us.  And when the bathroom breaks necessitated, we headed home and continued our picnic day on the front yard.  On a big sheet, under the shade of some enormous firs, we sewed craft projects, played more rounds of ‘Steal the Old Man’s Bundle’ than I could count, read one of the Little House books aloud, and just lazed the day away.

It wasn’t just that I had a lazy, relaxing day outside.  It was that I got to spend it with my favorite little people in the world – and they enjoyed it just as much as I did.  That we didn’t have to do anything big or fancy or that required tickets for shows/zoos/museums with the prerequisite endless waits in line and always predictable “are we there yet” complaints.    Not that those days aren’t fun – its just that those days always require something else to entertain us.  And typically have a somewhat rushed element to them – schedules, plans, activities…  But today, it was just us.  With a few props laying around the house.  We made do with what we had and this was the result…

And I’m not gonna lie… walking into their house at 8am and even before I get to see them, hearing one of them yell out “what are we gonna sew today!?” makes for one proud crafting-aunt.  Good times.

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