What’s doing on a rainy Tuesday…

Getting outside to snap more pics (albeit in the rain) for my latest home art project (more coming on this one… gotta finish it first – because there’s nothing more depressing than staring at a bunch of empty frames hanging on your living room wall showcasing your half-finished decorating attempts.)

Debating whether I will cave at lunchtime and eat this ice cream.  I think its probably worth the lactose-intolerant stomach ache.  Quality Meats’ mint chocolate chip ice cream = an 8 month pregnant woman’s crack.

Attempting to read this book….

but happily getting sucked into reading this one instead…

Trying to figure out when I’ll fit my nap in today.  Because at 33 weeks, my naps are no longer optional.

Itching to cut out fabric for the Wiksten Tank.  And wondering if its worth it considering there’s no way I’ll fit into it with this belly.  And knowing that I’m going to do it anyway.

And debating whether the tank requires cutting into some fancy-pants-ubber-pricey Liberty of London Tana Lawn:

Or playing it safe and cutting a muslin first to get the fit right.  Knowing that I should do the muslin first and sighing because I know the temptation of the Liberty will be more than I can bear.  Bring on the Liberty…

Attempting to figure out which nursery project to tackle next.  True, none of the furniture is assembled yet and all we have so far is a glider we scored from Craigslist, but I’m thinking a fabric bunting might be in order. Because who cares if you don’t have a crib yet, as long as some portion of the nursery is draped in some delicious fabric, I’m feeling productive.

Loving the adorableness of this photo from the weekend!  Kensey rocking the garden clogs!

Hope everyone’s finding their own pockets of fun on this rainy Tuesday!

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