A full weekend…

… which just made my heart smile in its completeness.  And yet, in my excitement over yesterday’s post, I neglected to blog about it.  Here goes:

Finally feeling a chill in the morning air after this insane heat wave.  And finding myself back at my 6am post on the front porch with my tea and my latest read (Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child).

Accomplishing some nursery furniture assembly.  Ok, more like watching the hubs assemble the crib, but I do believe that my company + pretending to push the vacuum around the nursery while he wrestled with furniture instructions in Swedish had a lot of value-add.

Finding a nice pocket of time this weekend in which I was able to sneak in a little sewing AND a little knitting.

Loving my new craft studio.   This one’s gonna require its own blog post, but lets just say its all done and I’m absolutely loving it.

Getting my bake on.  And thankfully, this weekend’s muffin attempt was massively more successful than last weekend’s.  Zucchini bites = pretty darn good.  Carrot/ginger/random-dried-fruit-because-i-ran-out-of-raisins muffins = nah so good.

And last but not least, a lovely dinner with the hubs at our favorite local pizza joint followed by a fabulous bonfire at a friend’s home.  Sitting outside in 60 degree weather on a Saturday night with a roaring fire – it was the first taste of autumn.  And I loved it.

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