The ten year old baby cardigan…

When my niece was turning one, I decided to make her a scrumptous baby cardigan for her first birthday.  I spent hours picking out the pattern, yarn and colors.  I was still a newbee knitter (I had just completed my first project which was her baby blanket) but I was determined to knit her a sweater – and I was chugging along.  Got the front, back and one sleeve finished.  And last week, I found it in the back of my closet.  Did I mention my niece will be turning ten this year?

There’s a reason why I no longer knit any (and I mean ANY) garments in pieces anymore.  Its not that I loathe sewing up the final project, its just that the project is WAY more apt to get tossed in the back of my sewing basket, closet, name your hiding spot, because I’ll just finish it up someday.  And it is a bit of a pain in the neck – matching up the sleeves, hoping that they will be the same size once sewn on, getting the seams to lay just right.

Nothing incentivizes me to clean the bathtub, empty the dishwasher, [insert your menial chore here] as much as staring at a sweater awaiting being pieced together.  Hence this baby sweater ten years in the making.

But in my current apartment decluttering frenzy, I found the tossed-aside sweater, and was determined to finish the thing.  Just because.  Well, because its embarrassing having a ten year old sweater – still incomplete, because knowing its stuffed unfinished in the back of the closet is hanging over my head, because its taking up valuable space for my yarn stash.  All good reasons to get the pieces out, and just start sewing.

I’m not even sure this sweater is blog worthy.  But if I’m being honest, I’ve gotta show my winners as well as my losers.  I wouldn’t say this one is a total plunker, but its no gem.  Perhaps its the the ten year old design that I probably wouldn’t choose now.  Or maybe I just don’t like the way the whole thing seamed up – I blame the nubbly cotton which makes each and every seam super bulky and awkward.  Or maybe its the fact that this sweater took me longer to finish (between the sewing up and weaving in of the ba-zillion ends) than it took me to knit my entire last baby sweater.  Or the fact that the pattern is basically direction-less and I realized pretty quickly why I abandoned this project nine years ago.

Regardless, its done and with this project, that was the whole battle.  Some projects are all about the process.  This was not one of those projects.

The pattern:  A very old handwritten pattern that I got from the old Yarn Company store.

The yarn: Mission Falls Cotton.

The modifications: It would probably require first having a finished pattern to modify.

The verdict:  Its done.  Nuff said.  I just hope it doesn’t end up in the back of my closet again.  But if it does, at least its finished this time.  That said, I suppose thats where it’ll stay til this babe of mine gets big enough to fit in this thing.  Because she WILL be wearing it.  Because it took ten years and someone’s gotta actually get some wear out of this thing.  Even if the outdated pattern/color choices and the super bulky seams cause any babe wearing it to look like a cross between an 80 year old man and a linebacker.

Poor kiddo – she won’t know what hit her.

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