It was one thing giving up the booze…

…but now all things dairy are off limits?  Turns out that the relatively severe stomach pains that I’ve been having the past few weeks are the result of pregnancy induced lactose intolerance.  Never heard of that before?  Well, me neither.  Until my doctor told me that its not uncommon for preggos to have difficulty digesting lactose.  There are just no words…

Giving up my red wine was bad enough.  But now dairy?  Have I mentioned I’m good for about a gallon of milk a week.  And cheese is basically one of my major food groups.   It takes a lot for me to give up my go-to dinner of choice (pasta with butter and cheese)…

As butter is off limits, I’ve read that margarine is lactose-free.  But margarine has trans fats.  So, its either suffer thru stomach pains with real butter or risk early mortality with death-by-trans-fats in margarine.  Its a toss up at this point.

And the thought of 2 months+ left in my pregnancy and no mint chocolate chip ice cream (or ANY ice cream, for that matter) is just pure ridiculousness.  But if resorting to cups of Lactaid and Soy frozen yogurt are the only ways to say adios to these stomach pains, then that’s that, I suppose.

Any good suggestions out there for some yummy lactose alternatives for a newly diagnosed (and totally bummin) lactard?

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