*#@%^* tank top…

Its a good thing no children were present when I made this top.  Because the cursing that was spewing forth while sewing this pattern would have shamed a drunken sailor.

Here’s a picture of the pattern:

And here’s my finished top:

See how they barely resemble each other?  That’s because I had so much trouble with the pattern, I abandoned ship mid-instructions and simply put the darn thing together as best as I could – sans instructions.  Because for me, with this pattern, no instructions were better than these instructions.

Admittedly, I did make this one last summer.  Yes, last summer… and this is the first photo I’ve taken of it in the year since making it.  I’m not sure whether thats because of its unflattering nature (and my obvious hesitation of documenting myself wearing it) or if it just fell victim to my lazy photographic nature (‘yeah, yeah, I’ll take a picture of it next week – or whenever I actually do some laundry and have clean pants to wear with it.’)  Either way, here it is.  In all its un-glory.

That said, as it was the first commercial sewing pattern I’d ever tried, I’m sure (or at least, I hope) that if I attempted it again, I might have better luck figuring out the less-than-stellar instructions.

What I ended up doing was taking the pattern pieces and using a few steps from the the Art Gallery BOHO dress pattern (which I love) to put it together – the pieces were sort of similar, and when they weren’t, I simply just made do – an extra seam here, an extra tuck there, til it all fit together.

Its not the most elegant or form fitting top – in fact, I looked pregnant in it even before I actually was pregnant (never really a sign of a well fitted top), but as I was able to finish the thing without throwing my Bernina across the room, I’m considering this one a small success.

The pattern:  New Look Pattern 6871 (view D)

The fabric:  Anna Maria Horner’s Innocent Crush Voile.  Such a gorgeous, lightweight fabric to work with – perfect for a summer tank.  But not even a fabric this gorgeous could save this train wreck.

Modifications:  Thats funny.  More like, what parts of the instructions DID I follow?

The verdict:  Maybe I’ll give it another go.  It has, after all, been a whole year since the last attempt.  And as I don’t actually have any small children yet, I don’t have to worry about the cursing… babies can’t hear sewing-swearing-rants in utero, can they?


See how I look like I belong on the bow of a ship?  I’d like to think I don’t look like I protrude out in such an aerodynamic way.  But hey, maybe I do.  And here I am blaming the tank top…

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