Works in progress…

… in various states of disarray progress.  Reminding me, once again, that its all about the process, not the finished product.

Pixie hat:  Just need to seam this sucker up.  Funny how nothing like some seaming can turn an ‘almost done’ project into a ‘stuck in the bottom of the pile for weeks waiting to be finished’ project.

Mara:  Another mara shawl.  Because apparently 3 months of knitting straight garter stitch on the last mara wasn’t enough to deter my second shawl endeavors.

Garter yoke cardi:  Yup, still working on those sleeves.  Have I mentioned I finished the body of the cardi last year?  Not sure which inhibits finishing projects more for me:  doing a little seaming or just knitting the darn sleeves.  (its been so long since I picked this one up, I didn’t even know where it was to take a photo)

Another bubble:  I know, I said I wasn’t going to make any more.  But this one’s a Christmas bubble dress.  And, in my opinion, that fully justifies a third bubble dress.

Baby cardi:  Awaiting buttons.  Seven teeny little buttons stand between me and this finished project.

Knock-off Bib:  Making my own pattern for this one (technically, copying a bib I was drooling over in a baby boutique) – if only I could find the stash of laminated cotton I bought for just such a project.

Bunting:  Leftover quilt scraps just waiting to be transformed into a bunting for the nursery.  For over the crib, perhaps.  Or over the changing table.  The placement doesn’t really matter, its really just an excuse to use more of these delicious leftover fabrics.

And bibs:  A handful of bibs awaiting snaps after a caffeine-induced-bib-sewing-frenzy last week.

I’ve got to imagine there are a few other random works-in-progress hiding in my stash, but we’ll save those for another day.  Posting about 8 unfinished WIPs should provide enough incentive for me to get finishing on at least a few of these.  Either that, or I could just abandon the unfinished-WIP-guilt and start in on a new project – this beauty seems to be calling my name today….

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