Baby shower love…

While I typically always knit something for baby showers (doesn’t every baby need some hand knit love?), my sewn baby pants obsession has recently trumped the hand knit gift tradition.  Yes, I still think its easier to knit a little baby project (they’re so small and portable that by snatching little bits of time and working on a few rows here and there, you find yourself done nearly before you even started – ah, the joys of baby knits.)

But for this shower gift, I was feeling a need a spice things up a bit.  And a pair of little sewn pants is about as spicy as I’m willing to get for a baby shower.

The pattern: Anna Maria Horner’s Quick Change Trousers found in her book, Handmade Beginnings – obsessive blog post about that pattern here

The fabric: Cloud 9’s Across The Pond Organic paired with a Kaufman Blue Chambray.  The baby is expected in August, so this pair of orangey 3-6 month old pants should be perfect for the babe’s fall wardrobe.

Slap a matching bib onto this gift and you’ve got a super cute homemade gift that rivals any little knitted baby hat that I could have churned out while riding the subway…

And because I couldn’t stop at just one (delving into my obsessive compulsive nature will be saved for another post)… here’s another set.  This one is the same blue chambray (yes, you will be seeing a lot of this delicious chambray in the coming months) with a random green polka dot fabric found in my stash.

As the hubs commented upon seeing yet another pair of Quick Change Trousers, “um, isn’t that like the twelfth pair of those pants you’ve made?”  And I say, “Why yes, yes they are!”  Bring on lucky number thirteen!

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