Whats doing on a lazy Sunday…

  • Chugging thru the last of the quilt binding.  Its therapeutic though, this slow motion hand quilting, so I’m not exactly rushing the project.

  • Scoping out the next sewing project to do with my niece – which can only explain all the zebra prints I’ve been perusing online.
  • Sighing with relief that my latest accident (dropping my camera on the front porch) resulted only in a broken lens, not a broken camera.  Granted, its my main lens thats now busted (so expect a lot of solely macro-type photos in the near term), but at least I didn’t do major damage to the camera.
  • Excited to get started on the Wiksten Tova Top (stay tuned) and grateful to my favorite pattern hoarder, Melissa, for loaning me the pattern!

  • Cutting out another looong online paper pattern to piece together.  Figuring this little girl won’t leave me much time to sew once she arrives so I’ve got another dress in the works.

  • Loving the visit with friends up at the house this weekend:  a ridiculously delicious meal (prepared by our sweet guests), lots of laughs, an adorable boy’s infectious giggles – all topped off with a late night crafting session.

(thanks for the photo Sue-Anne!)

  • Basking in the glow of my birdie on the 4th hole this morning.  I should probably be a wee bit embarrassed by my overly-enthusiastic victory dance on the green, but hey, it was me getting a birdie after all.  I’m shocked I didn’t bust out the nekkid worm on the course.
  • Enjoying a post golf nap during an afternoon rain shower.  Followed by a chocolate brownie and a cup of tea.  Doesn’t get much better than that.
  • Happy for the rain.  We needed it.  Our lawn needed it.  It was looking highly flammable this past week.
  • Always a bit sad at the thought of heading back to the city but it was a lovely weekend and I’m thankful for that.
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