ASPARAGUS SOUP (because the soup was so asparagus-y, it had to be capped)…

It dawned on me the other day (as I broke down and ventured onto the scale thats hidden away in the bathroom I never use) that my weight gain may not be the exact result of the little one growing inside of me.  And more likely a result of the girl scout cookies, tasti-d-lite, and Sprinkles cupcakes on which I’ve been chowing down.  And normally I’d be fine with that… Pregnancy is an excuse to chow down for two, right?  However, when I accidentally came across the “Well-Rounded Pregnancy Cookbook” on Amazon and got sucked into reading the first few chapters, my first bout of mama guilt kicked in and I realized all the nutrients that those delicious thin mints are NOT providing this babe o’ mine.  And I set the intention to start eating better – for both me and the babe.

Enter the Creamy Asparagus Soup recipe that my mama-to-be guilt duped me into making.

Here’s how the day progressed:

2pm:  perusing the Well-Rounded Pregnancy Cookbook on Amazon

2:30pm:  deciding that making (and eating) the asparagus soup in the cookbook will fix all my nutritionally ailing ways and insisting that I MUST MAKE IT TONIGHT

3pm:  trip to fairway to buy the fresh veggies and herbs for the soup (because this thin-mint-lovin-mama-to-be’s kitchen is severely lacking in either fresh fruit or veggies these days.)

4pm:  $33 later, I’m walking home with my loot and psyched to try out this folic-acid-enriched soup

5pm: nap. just because.

6pm: start making the soup.  there’s a LOT of chopping involved.  which was soothing and thereapeutic, so no complaints from me yet.  yet.

7pm: clean the kitchen from ceiling to floor (literally) because the hot soup exploded in the blender when i set it to puree.  oh, and i was wearing a white shirt.  nuff said.  no idea how to fix this little snafu but note to self, must fix that before any further soup attempts.

7:30pm: finish soup, sprinkle some parmesan cheese (not in the recipe) on top of the soup – because parmesan cheese makes any veggie taste better – and dig in.  yum.

Yes, its a lot of veggie-ness in this soup.  In fact, I think if I just pureed a few bunches of asparagus and ate it straight from the blender, the finished product might not differ too much from what I was currently eating.  But BUT I enjoyed the soup making process, and the three gallons of soup that this recipe yielded will keep me in good supply for whenever the food-guilt sets in again and I’m, once again, feeling the need to overdose on veggies.

Now, when Sprinkles brings back their Salty Caramel cupcakes on November 2nd, all bets are off.  Only a masochistic pregnant woman with an obscene case of gestetational diabetes could resist those crack-cakes.

Recipe:  Creamy Asparagus Soup

Source:  Well-Rounded Pregnancy Cookbook

Modifications:  I added a sprinkle of parmesan cheese to the soup before serving.  Other than that, I prepared the soup as written.

Additions to the table: I whipped up a quick loaf of this Easy Little Bread… because a yummy piece of homemade bread dunked into any bowl of soup is guaranteed to make it taste better.  And lets face it, I wasn’t 100% sure how this soup would turn out – and I figured if it was a total bust, at least I could eat fresh bread and butter for dinner…

(just a side note, I was tempted to post the recipe, but I wasn’t sure if there were copyright issues.  I’d suggest either high-tailing it to the library to pick up a copy or you can google the recipe and it is available online.)

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