One way to make you feel like you’re in fourth grade art class…

… is to order an online pattern that requires you to cut up and tape pattern pieces from 37 pages.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely delighted that Oliver + S has decided to release many of their out-of-print patterns digitally and I’m totally digging the instant gratification of throwing down my credit card number and immediately getting a pattern to download.  Until I realized that that pattern would require cutting up 37 pages and a roll of scotch tape.  But if thats the only complaint I can make of this whole experience, then I think I’m doing okay.  Because really, that is my only complaint.  (And as a side note, had I not been as cheap as my great Aunt Rosie, I could have plunked down $5 at my nearest Kinkos and had them just print up the very elegant one page pattern sheet that Oliver + S included in their download – but I am that cheap, hence the cutting and taping of a 37 page download.  No shame in my game.)

I picked up this adorable polka dot fabric at Pins and Needles one afternoon – with the bubble dress in mind.  Because really, I just feel like this dress screamed out for polka dots.  Can you blame me?

With a bit of super soft pink gingham that my mom had been saving up… because what goes better with polka dots than gingham?

The pattern:  Bubble Dress Pattern by Oliver + S 

The fabric:  The outside is a print called “Cardigan Girls” by Monica Lee with a some pink gingham randomness for the lining.  Because while I was going to buy some matching lining, Rachel at P&N commented that I “MUST have some lining I could use at home, right?  Like, maybe a pink gingham?”  And um, yes, my stash is that ridiculous that I actually did, in fact, have a pink gingham for the lining in the recesses of my closet.  A wise woman, that Rachel is…

Modifications: None, I did View B – the option without the scalloped side.  Because polka dots, gingham, AND scalloping seems to be just a bit to much – even for me…

Complications (which led to an unintentional modification):  I still don’t get the part where you attach the skirt to the bodice.  The instructions just don’t make sense to me.  I looked online for clarification and ate an entire box of Starbursts while hoping for inspiration, but neither proved useful.  So, as usual, I utilized a make-shift approach and just got the sucker on there.  It looks pretty from the outside but there’s a reason why I didn’t include a photo of the inside of that seam.  Its just not ready for prime time.  Hopefully I’ll have this little snafu ironed out by the next bubble dress (any suggestions out there??)  Because believe me, there will be more bubble dresses.

The verdict: I heart Oliver + S patterns.  I’m still a newbie on the Oliver + S-love-affair-bandwagon, but I’m jumping on there with both arms wide open.  These patterns live up to the hype.  Yes, I had to print out and tape 37 pages of patterns to get one wee bubble dress pattern, but that one little pattern produced such a “finished” looking garment… almost makes me feel like a “real” sewer!  The little gathers, the fully lined bodice, the fun linings peeking thru, all work to create a very polished little dress.

Now, ask me how many other digital patterns I’ve purchases from Oliver + S…  Because this little 37 page cut out pattern apparently wasn’t enough.  Bring on the 4th grade art projects…

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