I may not have a crib, gear, or any baby-related necessities yet…

… but I’m going gang-busters on the baby’s DIY crib mobiles.  I figure, getting this whole baby nursery ready thing is a bit of an undertaking.  And while I haven’t made any real progress yet, I’m taking baby steps — and doing one little crafter project at a time.

This week is the DIY Paint Chip Mobile.  Because its colorful, simple, and fun.  And easy peasy.  And when you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with the thought of getting a nursery ready (or rather, with how unprepared your nursery-to-be is), the thought of an easy peasy DIY project is just what the crafter doctor ordered.

I used this tutorial and a few simple (and cheap) supplies.

  • an embroidery hoop (I had a spare one laying around – for no in particular reason – which is especially random considering I’ve never embroidered before)
  • a stack of paint chip cards that I snagged from Lowe’s
  • 2” circle puncher
  • a hot glue gun
  • fishing wire (or thread)

The project was super easy to assemble.  Using the circle puncher, I punched out 20 of each color, then cut a long string of fishing wire and using a hot glue gun, attached each of the circles – wrong sides together – to the fishing wire.  I attached them to the embroider hoop by taping the top of the wire to the hoop and then and pretended I had any idea how (or where) I was going to hang this sucker in our second bedroom that still nowhere near resembles a nursery.

I think the most difficult part of the project was covertly trying to stash100 paint chip cards into my purse at Lowe’s.  Whatever, I don’t think they’d mind.  Especially considering how cute this little mobile turned out.  And how proud I was of myself for making such a cheap-o crafter mobile.  I wonder if you can technically classify a project as ‘cheap-o’ if you actually pilfered the main supply item in your project?  hmmm.

And the best part?  Who cares about a crib when you’ve got such a fabu little mobile just waiting to be hung.


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