A Pinkity Fix…

After three solid months of knitting the scratchy, grey baby blanket, I was in need of something soft, pink, and chart free.   Don’t get me wrong, I love the scratchy deliciousness that is the baby’s blanket, but a girl can only knit so much grey – especially when she knows a baby girl is on the way.  And without getting all pepto-bismol pinkity on this kiddo, I did break down and just HAD to knit something pink.  And as soft as cashmere (without the price tag).  What I needed was a quick, pinkity fix.

Enter the In Threes Baby Cardigan.  I knit the 6-12 month old size.

Admittedly, I don’t really get baby sizing.  Its probably because I don’t yet have a babe, but does 6-12 mean it will fit for those 6 months (which seems odd because babies grow massively between those ages, no?) or does it just mean, knit this size and you’re guaranteed that at some point between the ages of 6-12 months, it’ll fit the kid.  I’m guessing the latter.

The Pattern:  In Threes:  A Baby Cardigan by Kelly Herdrich

The Yarn:  Malabrigo Worsted in Pink Frost.  I haven’t knit with Malabrigo in awhile – the pill factor and lack of super-wash-ability has put me off this yarn for awhile, but honestly, I forgot how much I dig this yarn.  Its just so deliciously soft and the colors are amazing.  Who cares if the babe’s gonna look like one giant pill ball in her one year old photos… I mean, drape me in the deliciousness that is Malabrigo and let me pill away.  Its just that nice.

The Modifications:  Nah much… I omitted the garter band underneath the arms (I wanted to keep the stockinette stitch in the body)

The Annoyances:  Running out of yarn with 5 rows to go.  Yes, I could have just shortened it, but I wanted the full sized cardi.  Luckily I bought 2 skeins so I just dipped into the second skein and am contemplating what to do with the residual 11/16 of that second skein.  Oh, the possibilities…

The Verdict:  Its pure cuteness.  That said, I wish I had some pictures of it on an actual baby to gauge the fit and overall cuteness effect.  I need to borrow a baby model.  Stat.  Because with all this baby knitting going on, its pretty unsatisfying not having any pics of it on actual babies.  All of my girlfriends who have recently had kids have had boys.  Hmm.  And while I don’t think they’d mind trying the knits on their little boys to gauge fit, I do feel that they might take umbrage if I shot up pics of the boys in these ubber-feminine pink knits and posted them all over the net.  So, for now, boring pics of the baby-less knits will have to suffice.

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