A pants obsession…

I have a new pants obsession.  A baby pants obsession, to be exact.  Its certainly not an obsession with my own pants (because who wants to think about their own pants as they’re entering the third trimester and busting out of the two pairs of pants that currently fit?)

Back to the baby pants.  I picked up a copy of Anna Maria Horner’s book, Handmade Beginnings, awhile back and have been drooling over at least a dozen patterns in the book ever since.  Her book (which really is like sewing porn) sat on my shelf for months before I attempted any of the patterns.  That said, I can’t get her Quick Change Trousers out of my mind – or off my sewing table.  I got the fabric, made three pairs already, and am itching to make more.

I made the first pair (3-6 mo size) out of scraps I had laying around and the second pair (6-9 mo size) out of coordinating Michael Miller prints.  The third pair are supposed to be for Christmas time – made out out of a snowman flannel – but seeing as they look like they’ll fit a large sized toddler, its clear these pants won’t be busted out for Baby’s First Christmas.  The pattern was very easy to follow – and after the first attempt wrestling with feeding the elastic thru reversible pants, it was a breeze.

I love that the pants are fully reversible – and especially how the back placket of the pants can be made with another coordinating fabric.  Love.

Amidst all my beginner baby sewing projects – where the delusion of me knitting and sewing my babe’s entire wardrobe is still going strong – I had this fantastic idea to buy little size tags (found on Etsy) – I waited patiently to get them, envisioning the plethora of beautifully sewn (and, of course, appropriately tagged) pants eagerly awaiting this babe.  Then I got the tags.  And realized the flaw in my plan.  Where exactly are you supposed to put size tags on pants that are entirely reversible?   duh.  Well, I’m sure I’ll use them on other projects (fingers crossed) because they’re definitely not making it on these cuties.  Sad, but true.

Gladly, I don’t think this little misguided attempt at sizing tags will curtail my pants obsession anytime soon.


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