A long weekend away…

… filled with all sorts of goodness:

  • having a little solo time, followed by a little hubby time, and capped off with a whole lotta time with friends (both old and new) over golf, bbq’s, pools, and some fabulous meals
  • enjoying this sunset after a beautiful day in the pool
  • playing golf.  a lot of golf this past week
  • hitting the fairway on 6 of the 9 holes I played one day.  if you knew my golf game, you would know what a major accomplishment (and fluke) this feat is
  • feeling like a superstar after 9 holes of golf in 90 degree heat while walking the course (admittedly, the hubs did carry my clubs AND his on all the hills and just whenever I looked plain worn out – which was a lot) … but still…
  • eating freshly picked raspberries
  • tasting my first watermelon of the season
  • getting some sun on this pale skin (albeit while slathered in SPF 85)
  • enjoying a gorgeous fire in the firepit – followed by fireworks
  • then realizing why fireworks at home are illegal in most states while getting shot in the foot by an errant roman candle (no permanent damage done)
  • napping.  sleep at night is getting a bit unpredictable, but i’m still napping like a champ in the afternoons
  • sewing a new (and somewhat challenging) sewing pattern
  • spending more time that i thought possible trying to figure out that pattern – but it only helps to remind me that it (whether “it” be life, a sewing project, or just getting thru the day) is about the process, not the end result.  enjoying the whole process – regardless of how idiotic I feel for taking 6+ hours to make a simple baby garment (more on this project later)
  • contemplating why my hydrangeas refuse to bloom for the second year in a row.  i’m sure this is user error – apparently i need a hydrangea pruning tutorial because whatever i’m doing now sure isn’t working… but while there are no flowers, the plants themselves came up nice and green and i’m taking small comfort in that…
  • looking forward to sharing my latest projects with you all this week!!  stay tuned!!

(these are, sadly, not my hydrangeas… but definitely blog-photo-worthy so i just had to share them)


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  1. KG says:

    I am honored Jamestown got a mention- great pictures! As for the fireworks………

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