Because kitten buttons make everything better…

Pretty much the second we got the positive pregnancy results, I got itching to knit something… anything… for this kiddo.  And I needed an instant gratification we’re-going-to-have-a-baby project.  Nothing big or that required a lot of planning.  More like a one skein easy peasy project.  And I had the perfect one skein to work with.  I dug out some gifted Madelinetosh Merino DK (thanks Melissa!) that I’d been saving and immediately got to work on the Easy Baby Cardigan from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts.  One weekend later (plus some adorable kitten buttons), I had the cardi finished.

The pattern:  Easy Baby Cardigan by Joelle Hoverson

The yarn: Madelinetosh Merino DK in Stovepipe

The modifications:

  • The pattern didn’t call for any buttonholes.  It called for tiny buttons that could simply be pushed thru the cardi and closed.  I just wasn’t feeling that sort of closure.  I felt the sweater needed some actual buttonholes – and some actual buttons to match.  So, I added 4 buttonholes on the right front.  I put the first buttonhole on the second row (WS row) after I finished the neck shaping.  Put buttonholes on rows 2, 12, 22, 32.  My buttonhole rows were worked as follows (on WS):  k1 p1, yo, p2tog, k1, sm, k to marker, work rest of row even.
  • I also made the arm seed stitch cuffs shorter to match the button bands.  I just did 5 stitches (as opposed to 11) in trim stitch on each sleeve.  Then did the set up row for the shaping of the back neck as follows:  Work trim for first 5 sts, k22, pm, work in trim for 27 sts, pm, k22, pm, work in trim last 5 sts.  I was digging how the cuffs now matched the bottom band.

The Verdict:  Cute pattern… SUPER easy – all knit in one piece and just stitched up the sides and arms to close.  There is no shaping but how much shaping does an infant sweater really need…  I mean, can’t you just throw a babe in any sort of clothing and its bound to fit at some point?!  If not now, then in a few weeks or months?  Thats sort of what I’m going on, but what do I know…  I suppose the real verdict will be when I actually get this sweater on the kiddo and see how well it fits.  I’m thinking it’ll be perfect.  Because even if it doesn’t fit perfectly, at least its got some super cute buttons going for it…

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One Response to Because kitten buttons make everything better…

  1. melissa says:

    looks great! what a great use of one skein of tosh…..aaaaaaaaaaaaaand you’re welcome! ha ha

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